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Sharon Riegie Maynard: What’s Next? Women’s Work is to Change Outcome!

sharon maynard

Passion Into Action Workshop: What's Next? Women's Work is to Change Outcome!

Sharon Riegie Maynard is a mystic shaman.  She sees that the multidimensional aspects of human life require we understand and work within what is not seen, i.e. spirit, emotion, and thought in order to impact our physical situations.  Her passion has been to restore women to their rightful position as leaders, agenda setters and policy makers for those to whom they give life.

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Mary Elizabeth Young: Keeping Your Dreams Alive

mary elizabeth young

Passion into Action Workshop: Keeping Your Dreams Alive,Even when Your World is Falling Apart & Girlfriends Unite! Live Your Life Purpose w/the Support of your BFF’s!
Mary Elizabeth Young is a women’s rights activist, writer, speaker, Hospice RN, and mother who has created and led a number of personal development workshops for women. As part of her activism Mary Elizabeth traveled with her family of seven to the historic UN Conference on Women in Beijing China in 1995, and is a founding member of Gather the Women Nevada County. She is the author of the memoir, Finding Your Light in the Dark. (www.findingyourlight.me)

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Get on Track at Passion into Action


Take Your Mix of Inspiring Workshops and Speakers at Passion into Action

This year’s Passion into Action conference is bigger and better than ever. But with more than 30 workshops and speaking events packed into three days, it’s hard to decide between them. How do you choose the sessions that are the best fit for what you want to achieve?

We’re aiming to make it easier for you by offering three different tracks: Defining YouTaking Care of You and Leading Your Life. We’ve categorized the workshops by different themes so you can narrow your focus and learn the specific actions you need to turn your hopes, dreams and ideas into reality.

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Shiana Seitz: Ignite Your Inner Fire

shiana 2012a 8x10

Passion into Action Workshop: Ignite Your Inner Fire

Shiana is an Eclectic Expressionist – a facilitator of workshops, an artist, and a writer. She has been inspired by training under role models who represent the expressive, older, wiser woman: Anna Halprin, Paula Shaw, and Nine Wise, to name a few. Her work of collage with original photography is currently on display in the North Bay.

She is the author of two books: First You Let it Go, a travel-memoir about a middle-aged woman’s solo trip around the world and her search of self and adventure as she moves beyond challenges to experience the freedom and acceptance of living in the moment.

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Ruth Schwartz: Women and the Business 2.0 Revolution

ruth schwartz

Passion into Action Workshop: The Key to the Golden Handcuffs
Ruth Schwartz started Mordam Records in 1983. By the time Nirvana hit the pop charts and Green Day went platinum, Schwartz was running a ten million-dollar music distribution company. In 2012 Schwartz chronicles her success in The Key to the Golden Handcuff’s – Stop Being a Slave to Your Business. The book gives entrepreneurs and business executives insight into shifts that can be made to create a transparent, open-book company. Today, Schwartz in an internationally certified business coach, motivational speaker, and the facilitator of business mastermind boards. She owns High Performance Advocates, a management development and marketing company.

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Ronita Johnson: Coming to Forgiveness – Prelude for Illuminating a Light of Well-Being

Ronita Johnson

Passion into Action Workshop:Coming to Forgiveness – Prelude for Illuminating a Light of Well-Being

Ronita Johnson is dedicated to the principles and life practice of circle with a sacred center.  She is the creator of “Celebrating Our Inner Queen”, a rite of passage and ritual ceremony for women to honor and claim the transitions in their lives.  She is the author of Coming to Forgiveness: A Daughter’s Story of Race, Rage and Religion, and believes forgiveness, as key to self-worth, living a holistic life of body, mind, and spirit and sustainable world peace.  Ronita draws on her rich background as Inclusion/Diversity Consultant, Integral Life Coach, and 60+ years of living to invite women and girls into sacred spaces that transform.  She convenes women’s circles, public forums, and retreats on love and forgiveness around the world.  She loves music, movement, deep listening, meditation, humor, reflection, experiencing new cultures, and storytelling.

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Kelly Schrader:  How to Conquer Your Sweet Cravings and Take Back Control of Your Diet!

kelly schrader

Passion into Action Workshop: How to Conquer Your Sweet Cravings and Take Back Control of Your Diet!

Kelly is the owner of EVOLVE Yoga and Nutritional Wellbeing, which encompasses her Integrative Nutritional Practice and the Bikram Yoga studio in Grass Valley that she purchased two years ago.  Kelly has a Masters in Integrative Nutrition from Columbia University and certificates from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the American Institute of Drugless Practitioners.  She believes that nutritional counseling and yoga go hand in hand, and the that the synergy of these businesses joining has created more balance within her clients and students.

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Susan Gouveia: Garden Art Projects and Budget Gardening Ideas


Passion into Action Workshop: Garden Art Projects and Budget Gardening Ideas

Susan Gouveia, Founder of  The Society of Garden Goddesses is  on a mission to share with  the community about  organic and sustainable gardening and cooking methods. In 2010, she started local gardening group– The Society of  Garden Goddesses (now a group of 400 men and women). “We share tips, recipes and lots of laughs!” She wanted to take the seriousness and chore out of gardening and cooking and get people excited about experimenting with food grown in one’s own garden.

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Brenda Horton: How To Turn Your Passion Into A Real Business.

Passion into Action Workshop: How To Turn Your Passion Into A Real Business.

Brenda Horton is on a mission to empower women in becoming successful entrepreneurs.  She is a serial and social entrepreneur. She sold her first internet-based business for a profit in the late 90s. She is a community activist. She fundraised over $300,000.00 for Sierra Forever Families, a Nevada County non-profit for children. Her fundraiser garnered regional attention with her signature event, Festival in the Foothills, a gourmet food and wine tasting culinary extravaganza and live & silent auction, which attracted over eight hundred attendees, forty restaurants and wineries, and seventy-five local volunteers.

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Karen Atkins: Taking Care of You in Ten Minutes

karen atkins

Passion into Action Workshop: Taking Care of You in Ten Minutes a Day-Easy strategies for managing stress and rising above chaos in your life

Karen is an award-winning songwriter, photographer and healer. She has a DVD series called “Restore Your Soul” that helps overwhelmed women reclaim their energy so they can show up for those they love and start creating more of the life they want to live, including titles such as Your Healthy Kitchen and Beyond Yoga: Gentle Movement for More Energy. She has traveled all over the world performing, teaching and taking pictures in such far-off places as Brazil, Indonesia, Denmark, Sweden, China, England, New Zealand and India.

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Kathleen McIntire: Girlfriends Unite!  Live Your Life Purpose with the Support of Your BFF’s

Kathleen McIntire, Passion into Action Presenter

Passion into Action Workshop: Girlfriends Unite!  Live Your Life Purpose with the Support of Your BFF's

Kathleen McIntire is a transformational teacher, speaker, and healer who is dedicated to bringing forth truth, liberation and awakening. Her focus is on restoring the feminine power. Kathleen is the author and creator of Guiding Signs 101, a set of divination cards and Guidebook using everyday road signs to tap into your intuition and own inner guidance. She is the steward of MoonBear Sanctuary, located on 28 acres in Northern California. The intention of the Sanctuary is to give birth to the New Paradigm – one of love and a world that works for all life on our planet. The retreat center provides cutting-edge workshops as well as ceremonies, study groups, and symposiums. Kathleen also leads sacred journeys with women. She has lead journeys to the Andes and rainforest of Ecuador and also to Guatemala, revolving around the 20-day Mayan Calendar. Her sacred women’s journey for 2012 will take place in Peru for 15 days over the Fall Equinox. Kathleen is the producer of two Mayan films.

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Marilyn Nyborg: What’s Next? Women’s Work is to Change Outcome!

Marilyn Nyborg, Founder of Women Waking the World

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Passion into Action Workshop: What’s Next?  Women’s Work is to Change Outcome! (presenting with Sharon Maynard)

Marilyn Rosenbrock Nyborg has been a spiritually based activist since the ‘60’s beginning with the civil rights movement. In the ‘70’s she turned her focus inward and began the journey to wholeness, integrating the masculine and feminine within and examining the unconscious attitudes and conditioning in her personality.

Recognizing the need for women to find their voices and claim their power, she began in the early ‘80’s to work through women’s circles and activities to bring feminine wisdom to bear on the world. In 2002 she became a co-founder of Gather the Women. Marilyn brought GTW home, and created Gather the Women of Nevada County.   In 2009 she initiated a conversation about the major loss throughout civilization at the repression and degradation of women’s wisdom and contributions. This led to the birth to Women Waking the World. Marilyn is a visionary, an initiator of creative ideas. She fosters new thinking,
connecting the dots between people, ideas and projects.

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Jennifer Cohen: Surviving to Thriving

jen 3648



Passion into Action Workshop:  Get in condition to thrive in the emerging world. 

"What kind of world could we create if we already knew we were enough?"

Jennifer Cohen has studied the art and science of transformational coaching and facilitation since 1992 and is certified as a Master Coach by The Strozzi Institute for Leadership and Mastery. She co-founded Seven Stones Leadership Group, a company devoted to guiding individuals and organizations to face the most pressing questions of our time inside of exquisite sufficiency. From half day short workshops, to learning journeys lasting everywhere from six weeks to a whole year, Jen is masterful at designing deep dive learning opportunities where people can enter in complete safety to transform old patterns, heal old wounds, re-source their greatest wisdom and develop new skills that will serve their living and leading. She has taught everywhere from MIT to The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY and at conferences like Passion in Action in Northern California.

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Mara Hoover: Fempreneur

marah ba_1008-a copy

Passion into Action Workshop:  The World is Waiting: Sharing your story through your unique passion will change the lives of those around you

"When we empower and celebrate other women and they do the same for us we can take on anything!"  

Mara Hoover is a young and very driven fempreneur. Mara has her contractor's license and worked for six years as a general contractor building and remodeling homes. She is now pursuing a career in the financial services arena and has climbed to the top 10 in her company in only 6 months. One of Mara’s favorite accomplishments is becoming a published author. At the age of 5 Mara dreamt of writing a book and last October, on her birthday she celebrated the release of her book My Grumpy Husband. Mara looks forward to pursuing her passion of storytelling by continuing her book as a series that collects stories from men and women that celebrate the joys and difficulties of relationships, giving her readers a forum to share their own experiences.

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Lisa Schrader: Awakening Shakti

lisa final cropped 2

Passion into Action Workshop:  Sensual Esteem & Awakening the Goddess Within

"Women as nurturers and keepers of community, absolutely must connect, share, hug, and share their hearts with other like-minded women. It’s how we flourish. It’s how we change the world."

Lisa Schrader, a sacred sexuality teacher and the founder of Awakening Shakti, has impacted the lives of thousands of women over the last decade. Her work has been featured on Oprah, Oxygen and VH1. She is the author of "Kama Sutra 52: A Year's Worth of the Best Positions for Passion and Pleasure" from Quiver Books. As a certified coach with the International Coach Federation, she has been in private practice for over 10 years supporting women and couples with awakening their sacred sexual power.

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Suzie Daggett: Recognizing Intuition


Passion into Action Workshop:  My Intuition Has Lead Me To …

“Live who you are, learn who you are, be who you are, allow your inner resources to come to the surface so you can be complete as a fine human being touching into the world of spirit”.


Suzie Daggett, constantly curious about the mysteries of life, produces INSIGHT Lectures and is a columnist with the Nevada City Advocate. Since 2005, Insight Lectures has contributed to our rich cultural/spiritual fabric by producing events for well known best selling authors and speakers who present leading-edge information and progressive thinking in the areas of health & well-being, spirituality, scientific discovery and cultural trends.In Suzie's interview column with the Nevada City Advocate, she writes about local health practitioners presenting a wide variety of choices in healing.

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Debe Fennell: Funding for Your Passion


Passion into Action Workshop:  Get Funded:  Crowdfunding Can Bring Your Ideas to Life

"It’s not rocket science…it’s business. Get focused and give it all you have."

One of the founding partners of CrowdFundingLIVE, Debe Fennell brings to the company many years of marketing experience, including 15 years in the music industry as a journalist, record promoter, label executive, event planner, music consultant and as a singer, herself. Her years in the personal development field, as a publicist, affiliate marketer and publishing coordinator from concept to launch, Debe has managed teams and created a wide network of relationships in several industries, including her time working in Real Estate marketing for developers, agents and brokers. Discovering crowdfunding has given her an entirely new enthusiasm for entrepreneurs and working with her partners has deepened her appreciation for creating a business from the ground up.  

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Rachel Berry: Empowering with Herbs

rachel berry

Passion into Action Workshop:  Nourishing With Herbs: How to Use Kitchen Herbs and Local Plants for Health and Well-being

"Reclaim our herbal heritage! It is in our bones and in our blood, and it’s a beautiful gateway into a healthier, more respectful relationship to the earth."  

Rachel blends her background in community  health, women’s health, medicinal herbs, and sustainable living practices to inspire and promote home-scale herbalism.  She teaches out of her home garden in Grass Valley, and is a guest instructor at the Regenerative Design Institute, Esalen, and other Northern California locations.  Rachel holds a master degree in Health Psychology from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, where she worked for several years as university instructor in women’s health and directed public health programs for women and children in Northern Arizona.

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Beth Terry: Living Plastic Free

beth terry

 Passion into Action Conference Workshop: Living Plastic-Free: 9 Reasons Our Personal Actions Matter

"Whoever you are, whatever your age, gender, or economic status, there is something for you to do in the fight against plastic pollution."

Five years ago, after stumbling across an article about how our plastic waste is polluting our oceans and how mother birds mistake plastic for food that they feed their babies, Beth Terry challenged herself to stop buying any new plastic.  Since then, she has reduced her plastic waste to less than 2% of the national average and has made it her mission to help others do the same. 

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Catherine Gray: Leading with The White House Project

catherine gray twhp


Passion into Action Workshop:  Managing Mentors, Sponsors and Feedback Intensive: Personal Branding through Strategic Storytelling

When Catherine was nine years old, in her gym class, all the kids were asked to throw a softball as far as they could. The boys lined up on one end of the field, and the girls were on the other.  When Catherine took her turn, she threw the ball past the end of the tape measure. Twice. The teacher marched Catherine and all the girls across the field to finish the class throwing with the boys…. And using the longer tape measure. That day, and ever since then, Catherine has been infiltrating boys clubs, breaking barriers and most importantly, motivating other girls and women to speak up, move up, and fire up.

Based in Minneapolis, MN, she currently serves as Director of Training at The White House Project. As the lead communications trainer for the organization, she has trained or coached more than 2,500 women,

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See Jane Do Women’s Conference Brings a World-Class Line Up to Grass Valley for 2012

screen shot 2012-07-16 at 2.41.52 pm

See Jane Do Women’s Conference Brings a World-Class Line Up to Grass Valley for 2012 “It’s an extraordinary experience, Passion into Action, and I’ve never seen or felt a gathering quite like

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Top Tips to Live Out Your Purpose


By: Angelina Calafiore

The universe is abundant in nature and so are we, because the whole universe resides within each one of us. ~ Angelina Calafiore
First ask, “How can I motivate myself?” Then ask yourself:

  • What sorts of work or activities really excite and energize me?
  • When do I feel the most vibrant and alive?
  • What special talents or strengths do I have?
  • What does my "blessings and brag list" tell me about some of these questions?

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Farm Girl Nursery: One Woman’s Mission to Get Kids and Grownups back in the Garden


by Danielle Leida

The entrance to Farm Girl Nursery is a dirt path bordered by fruit trees and wheelbarrows of flowers. It leads to a former horse arena on Lisa Marvier’s property in Novato, a small town in Northern California’s Bay Area. A fenced yard houses her collection of variously colored hens, along with two adorable potbelly pigs snuffling after them and eating their food. Just inside the gate, visitors are greeted with the sight of plot after plot of different edibles growing into maturity. Squash with green vines stretching over the ground, a patch of ripening strawberries, and the green leaf tops of potatoes, purple snap peas and lush spinach are growing in fertilizer provided handily by Lisa’s horses. They are interspersed with flowers, twined arches of roses and garden sculptures. The backdrop is Lisa’s red barn, a garden shop where she sells heirloom seeds, local eggs and her large collection of seedlings.

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Ikal Angelei: Goldman Prize Winner 2012- Africa

See Jane Do exclusive interview with Ikal Angelei, Goldman Prize Winner. Ikal returned to her community in Kenya to fight the construction of the Gibe 3 Dam that would block access to water for her community

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How to be a Rural Woman – and Make a Living at It


By: Vanessa Richardson

Have you dreamed of escaping suburbia or the urban jungle and moving to a cottage in a quiet, rural area far away from civilization? And then have you nixed that thought because you don’t know how you would be able to find a job or make a living so far from the city? Lisa Kivirist is living proof that you can make your dream of becoming a “rural woman” come true.

Kivirist and her husband, John Ivanko, used to commute to jobs in Chicago high-rises, but they felt that living their waking hours in cubicles was sucking their souls dry, and they knew they needed to change their lifestyles and livelihoods. They chucked city life for life in southwest Wisconsin as innkeepers of an organic bed and breakfast, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

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Caroline Cannon Goldman Prize Winner 2012

See Jane Do exclusive interview with Caroline Cannon North America winner of the 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize. Elisa Parker chats with Caroline at the Goldman Prize Ceremony in San Francisco. Caroline

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The Work of One Woman Activates Thousands to Provide Clean Water

gemma bulos


By Gemma Bulos

Director, Global Women's Water Initiative

Award-winning Social Entrepreneur

Can you believe an award-winning mission to  provide clean water to over 160,000 people in  Asia and Africa started with a song? As a pre-school teacher and singer who was not on my regular 8:50am train to the World Trade Center on 9/11, I witnessed a global community united through tragedy. In response, I wrote “WE RISE”, a rousing anthem that celebrates water as a metaphor for peace and unity in action. Based on the notion that “it takes a single drop of water to start a wave”, I left my life, career, gave away all my belongings and with my guitar, backpack and meager savings, began traveling around the world to build the unprecedented Million Voice Choir!  By September 21, 2004, I mobilized over 100 cities in 60 countries to sing 'WE RISE" from all over the planet in celebration of the UN International Day of Peace. This was the “single drop” that has rippled into my award-winning humanitarian mission!

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Real Rural: One Woman Explores the “Other” California


By: Vanessa Richardson There’s Hollywood and Silicon Valley. There’s Big Sur, Palm Springs, maybe the Redwoods. These are the places most people know or have heard about in California. But have you

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How Girl Scout Cookies can Save the Planet


By RhiannonTomtishen and Madison Vorva


Having been a part of the Girl Scout organization for the past 11 years, we have certainly sold (and eaten!) our fair share of Girl Scout cookies. Imagine our surprise when five years ago we discovered an ingredient in the Girl Scout cookies we had been selling was contributing to rainforest deforestation, endangers thousands of species and contributes to human rights abuses.

In 2007, as 11 year olds, we set out to earn our Girl Scout Bronze Award, which required us to pick an issue we were passionate about and raise awareness within our community. Inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall’s selflessness and dedication in protecting the chimpanzees, we set out to advocate for another great ape, the endangered orangutan.

We discovered that one of the main reasons orangutans are endangered is due to the destruction of their rainforest habitat to plant oil palm plantations. The clearing and burning of these forests, and carbon-rich peatland have made Indonesia the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind China and the United Sates. Unsustainable palm oil production is a human rights crisis too: the US Department of Labor links its production to child and forced labor. The palm oil harvested from these plantations is used in a variety of products, including everything from baked goods to candy bars and cosmetics. In fact, it’s used in about half the products in the grocery store.

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Cultivating Women’s Leadership


“Where women lead, everything gets better” ~Nina Simons. Are you a leader but just didn’t know it? Co-founders of the Cultivating Women’s Leadership Training Nina Simons of Bioneers and Toby

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Kathy Sanchez: Embracing our Power at UN CSW

A See Jane Do exclusive interview with Kathy Sanchez, Co-Director of TEWA Women United. Elisa caught up with Kathy at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Kathy shared her insight into

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Girl Scout from Rwanda: Changing the World One Girl at a Time! UNCSW

See Jane Do interviews inspirational Girl Scout, Pamela from Rwanda at UN CSW. Pamela shares the commonalities between women and girls across the world and how women and girls from rural communities are

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Rural American Women in 2012- Girl Scouts at UN CSW

What does the rural woman look like in 2012 and how is she changing the world for the better? See Jane Do interviews Girl Scouts at the 56th Session of UN CSW in New York. They describe what it’s like

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Rural American Women in 2012- Girl Scouts at UN CSW

What does the rural woman look like in 2012 and how is she changing the world for the better? See Jane Do interviews Girl Scouts at the 56th Session of UN CSW in New York. They describe what it’s like

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Marilyn Fowler: Moving Women Forward in 2012- UN CSW

See Jane Do exclusive with Marilyn Fowler, Founder & President of the Women’s Intercultural Network. Marilyn discusses the importance of women coming together for 2012 at the UN CSW

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Clips from The Women in the World Summit NYC 2012

See Jane Do exclusive with Gloria Feldt, author, activist and former CEO of Planned Parenthood from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Gloria shares tips and tool to move women

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Celebrate a Special Day: Join Gather the Women and See Jane Do on March 9th


Join Gather the Women of Nevada County for its 10th celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday, March 9.

Marilyn Nyborg, co-founder and past president of Gather the Women, explains here what the organization does, and describes the events planned for participants to think globally and act locally.

Gather the Women was created 10 years ago by a small group of women from Washington State and California. Now there are 40 local regions across the U.S., and women from Africa, Australia, Canada and England gathering women in their own communities.

In Nevada County, I found a very responsive group of women who formed the local leadership and brought Gather the Women of Nevada County (GTWNC) into being. Designed to be a catalyst for personal, community and global transformation, GTWNC has worked together to create events and evening salons, show films, and deepen conversation about what is of value and important to women -- and therefore families, communities and the world.

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Preview of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

United Nations

What to expect from the NYC event – and how to follow along  See Jane Do will be going to New York City as delegates for the  56th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of

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B Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Lab certifies B Corporations – enabling consumers to tell the difference

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Be a Part of See Jane Do’s New York City Adventure!

See Jane Do is going to New York City as delegates for the 56th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) as part of Jean Shinoda Bolen’s delegation, Pathways to Peace February

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Valentine’s Day Got you Down?

1507 modified and cropped

By Veronica Monet,ACS, CAM As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may find yourself turned off by the commercialism confronting you every time you step into a department store or turn on the television.

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How do we empower women?

screen shot 2012-01-11 at 9.56.49 pm


Mary Evelyn, a renowned educator of world religions and ecology at Yale University  calls us forward to "awaken to our common origins and our shared futures" and encourages us all to effect change by having the confidence to use our voice.  Mary Evelyn's passion for life is evidenced in her works including Worldly Wonder: Religions Enter Their Ecological Phase (Open Court Press, 2003), Moral and Spiritual Cultivation in Japanese Neo-Confucianism (SUNY, 1989) and The Philosophy of Qi (Columbia University Press, 2007).  Her latest endeavor the film & book, "Journey of the Universe" co-written by Mary Evelyn and Brian Swimme will be featured at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival (January 13-15) in Nevada City, CA.

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Give the Gift of Love Instead of More Stuff For the Holidays


By:  Kathleen McIntire

Stop confusing "stuff" with love. Our society seems to be obsessed with the idea that more is better, and we behave as though possessions indicate status and worthiness. During the holidays, those beliefs manifest themselves in the giving of gifts. Doggedly we shop, wrap, and exchange presents with one another...even though (if we're honest with ourselves) we generally find little fulfillment in this tradition.

A lot of our holiday stress is tied to obligatory spending. In fact, many Americans are already stretching their budgets way past the point of comfort. And beyond that, most people we spend money on would breathe a huge sigh of relief if we just stopped the gift-giving madness.

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Become a See Jane Do Member Today!

Join the growing community of Jane’s around the world! Get involved. Share. Be Inspired. Belong. Stay connected. Meet others who share a common interest.Take advantage of member resources to help you

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom: Miss Representation

jennifer newsom

“If you can see it you can be it” ~Jennifer Siebel Newsom. When I met Jennifer Siebel Newsom in San Francisco she was captivating the attention of hundreds of girls with the trailer of her new

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Save the Date for Passion into Action 2012!


We are thrilled to announce the 3rd Annual Passion into Action Women’s Conference™ to take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 12 – 14, 2012 in historic downtown Grass Valley, CA. Over 600 women

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Lisa Levart: 5 Things You Can Do To Discover the Goddess Within

lisa levart

{loadaudio http://traffic.libsyn.com/seejanedo/Lisagoddessbook.mp3 #Lisa }

“In Lisa Levart’s photographs we find the essence of the Goddess meets each woman’s personalities, and therefore the essential qualities of the Goddess helps to reveal the essential qualities of each women.”
- Starhawk, Author, Activist

Lisa Levart is a wonderfully inspired photographer who has published a new book Goddess on Earth, Portraits of the Divine Feminine. Robin Parisse caught up with Lisa at Bioneers, and in this interview she shares why she created this book, her inspirations and techniques.
5 Things you can do!
1. Dig in! There is a lot of great info out there about Goddess spirituality by powerful women! Learn how ancient archetypes can help us as we navigate the path to self-discovery. It can be a beautiful process to find the work that speaks to you--here are just a few of my favorites: Jean Shinoda Bolen; Goddesses in Everywoman ,  Starhawk; The Spiral Dance, Patricia Telesco; 365 Goddess, Doreen Virtue, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

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Taking Control of Your Finances: A Money Management Workshop for Women


See Jane Do is proud to announce a women’s only seminar with financial consultant and award winning talk show host Marc Cuniberti of KVMR’s Money Matters. Part 1:  Monday, January 16th, 2012

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Bioneers Conference Highlights


If you have not heard of Bioneers, it is time to learn more. For 22 years Bioneers has cultivated conversations and acted as a “fertile hub” to connect social and scientific innovators. Bioneers

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Lydia Olympic: Saving the Salmon


Meet everyday extraordinary woman, Lydia Olympic. As a tribal activist she is taking the lead to fight the development of a proposed open pit copper mine in her community. Her village just happens

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Kathryn Davis shares her Passion Into Action experience and the great work she is doing now to heal women who have breast cancer.

kathryn davis

Kathryn Davis shares her Passion Into Action experience and the great work she is doing now to heal women who have breast cancer.

Passion became action for me after attending the Passion Into Action event.  I had relocated to the Grass Valley Area three years ago and had become pretty restless. Prior to moving I had been working in hospitals and cancer clinics in the Bay Area doing Healing Touch, an energy based healing art.   While I continued to work with folks in this area after my move, I was feeling at loose ends and that I could be doing a lot more, but I was having trouble getting something going up here.

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Setting a Deadline to End Breast Cancer


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but for many, awareness is not enough anymore.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States, aside from skin cancer. About 1 in 8 women in the United States (between 12 and 13%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Breast cancer is a disease that affects everyone, and women and men across the country are doing extraordinary things to battle this disease including setting a deadline to eradicate breast cancer.

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Mentoring Girls for Social Change

Many youth today, especially at-risk teenage girls, are lacking role models. They are overwhelmed with the struggles of coming from broken homes where drugs and poverty are prevalent, survival

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Discover Women’s Economic Influence

See Jane Do sets out to discover how women’s economic influence can create positive change and the steps we need to take to feel more confident around our purchase power. We feature interviews with

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Filmmakers to Changemakers: Women in Media

Only 7% of the stories we’re hearing through the most powerful medium, are told by women. We uncover the myths of movie making and feature several extraordinary female filmmakers who are emerging

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What if a solution to climate change was beneath your feet?


Old College Roomies Re-Connect, Produce a Film, & Teach Us How We Can be Part of the Solution.


Watch “The Soil Solution”. Premieres: Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2012 January 27th at 8:00 am Lobero Theatre & Sunday, January 29th, at 10:40 am Metro 4 in downtown Santa Barbara.

The Soil Solution, a feature documentary by Carol Hirashima and Jill Cloutier of SustainableWorld Media explores our soil. The fascinating world of soil opens before our eyes as we hear from the ranchers, farmers, and scientists who conserve, protect, and regenerate this valuable natural resource. Hirashima and Cloutier believe that, “Everyone, through their buying decisions, food choices, and farming and gardening methods, affects soil health. Everything that we do to increase soil fertility could be a step in reversing climate change.”

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Extraordinary Jane: Ginny Woods – ani Karma Drolma Words Jesse Locks and Elisa Parker


Ginny Woods is an everyday woman living in the foothills of Northern California. Ginny is many things, among them a mother of four, grandmother, registered nurse, Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapist,

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Extraordinary Jane: Cheryl Wicks Words Jesse Locks and Elisa Parker


Cheryl Wicks is an everyday woman living in Grass Valley, CA. Ten years ago, Cheryl, a psychologist and professional coach, moved to the Sierra Nevada Foothills with her partner Curt Romander to retire.

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Tuesday, December 7

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Soiree into Action


Monday- March 5th 2012 New York, NY Soiree In to Action You are invited to our  New York Soiree into Action™ Monday, March 5th    Networking with Purpose Lead with your Dreams!

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Teresa Delfín


Teresa Delfín is an everyday woman living in Southern California. The 34-year-old Stanford-educated cultural anthropologist is passionate about rock climbing. Delfin found herself getting bogged down with academic politics while teaching and was looking for a new direction in her life. Three years ago, while pregnant with her first child, she realized there was a lack of outdoor apparel that would fit her expanding belly and began designing her own outdoor maternity clothes. Mountain Mama was born.

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Denise Linn


Denise Linn is an everyday woman living in Paso Robles, California. She is an internationally renowned teacher in the field of self-development and the best-selling author of sixteen books. For over 40 years, Denise has researched healing traditions from cultures around the world including the aborigines of Australia, the Zulu in Africa, the Maori of New Zealand as well as from her own Native American roots. Her own spiritual journey began as a teenager when she had a near-death experience after being shot by an unknown gunman.

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Soil Sisters, Willow Hein and Maisie Ganz


Willow Hein and Maisie Ganz are everyday women living in Nevada City, CA. The twenty-something year-olds are part of a new crop of farmers that include more and more women who are turning to farming to change the way we eat and live. A year ago, the two formed Soil Sisters, a women’s farming and art collective that is part of the Living Lands Agrarian Network and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

The idea came from a need for women to have a safe space and support system in sustainable farming to cultivate their own capabilities and skills.

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Sister Libby Fernandez


Sister Libby Fernandez is an everyday woman living in Sacramento, CA. After a brief stint in the Air Force, she embraced her calling to serve and became a nun with the Sisters of Mercy. As a Sister of Mercy, she has dedicated her entire life to God and serving God’s people especially those who are sick, poor and uneducated. Twenty-five years ago she became involved with Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, a private charity that neither solicits nor accepts government money to feed and shelter the homeless.

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Reinette Senum


Reinette Senum is an everyday woman living in Nevada City. Reinette is a green pioneer of the 21st century. She has traveled throughout fifty countries, climbed many mountains and was the first woman to cross Alaska solo on skis. See Jane Do had the privilege and pleasure of following Reinette over the last year; participating in the Community Congress she initiated in order to create one of the greenest small towns in America, celebrating her success as mayor of Nevada City, traveling with her to the Sierras and observing the development of the APPLE Center for Sustainable Living.

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Rachel Barge


Rachel Barge is an everyday women living in the Bay Area. See Jane Do first met the 23-year old powerhouse last year at the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival where she was speaking with the Brower Youth Award film. While attending UC Berkeley, Rachel helped establish The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF), a $2 million sustainability fund on campus that pays for energy efficiency and other environmental upgrades, for which she received the Brower Youth Award for environmental work.

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Melinda Kramer


Melinda Kramer is an everyday women living in Berkeley, CA. She is the founder and co-director of Women’s Earth Alliance. At just twenty-four years old she launched a world-wide program that focuses on issues of environmental justice, water, agriculture and food. Women’s Earth Alliance has trained thousands of women in countries such as Bolivia, the Philippines, Africa, India, and throughout Native American communities in the United States. Working with organizational partners in these areas they facilitate local knowledge and bring outside resources to equip women with appropriate technologies, resources, information, networks, and business development skills as they launch environmental projects in their communities.

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Kristy Pagan


Kristy Pagan is an everyday woman living in Washington D.C. While growing up in Plymouth, MI, she wasn’t raised to lead a political life nor was she encouraged to get involved in politics, but early on Kristy felt the call of public service. After starting a women’s leadership group, that grew to become the largest organization on her college campus, she participated in the White House Project training.

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Joan Blades


Joan Blades is an everyday woman living in Berkeley, CA. She is the Co-founder and President of MomsRising, an online organization for moms and the people that love them to connect on issues like healthcare, flexible work options, paid family leave, childcare, and living wages. Since its inception in 2006, MomsRising has grown to a staggering one million members.

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Jennifer Litton Singer


Jennifer Litton Singer is an everyday woman living in Nevada City. In 1995, Jennifer along with Mary Collier and Amanda Chavez began the Friendship Club, a prevention program designed to reach at-risk girls before they engage in unhealthy behaviors. They wanted to provide an outlet for young woman to shine, build confidence, and become independent. Since then, Friendship Club has grown to become a year-around program that has served over four hundred girls in sixth through twelfth grades and includes educational activities, emotional support and community involvement.

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Jean Hill


Jean Hill is an everyday woman living in Concord, Ma. The 82-year old grandmother was shocked to learn from her ten-year old grandson about the large gyres forming in the oceans filled with garbage including water bottles. She immediately began investigating and learning about the impact plastic water bottles is having on the environment and to our health. She came to the conclusion that this could all be avoided if people stopped using plastic water bottles and began drinking tap water again.

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Fay Ann Lee


Fay Ann Lee is an everyday woman living in New York City. An actress by trade, Lee found roles for Asian American women few and far between. Determined to have her voice heard, she wrote a screenplay about self-discovery, acceptance and love through the eyes of an Asian American woman named Grace Tang, a successful Wall Street banker from New York’s Chinatown, who wants more than anything to be part of the elite Upper East Side Socialite world.

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Jill Mason


Jill Mason is an everyday woman living in Sacramento. On the morning of Easter Sunday in 2004 the unthinkable happened. Jill and her boyfriend Alan Liu were biking along Highway 12 near Santa Rosa, when a drunk driver hit them. Liu was killed, Jill barely survived, her spinal cord was severed, permanently paralyzing her and suffered a traumatic brain injury that now limits her motor functions. With the help of her family, Jill has persevered, fighting her way back to regain her independence, voice and passion.

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Gloria Steinem


Gloria Steinem started out as an everyday woman who after being moved by the stories of other women put her passion into action. It has been written, she was a voice for women’s rights when women had no voice. Gloria celebrated her 75th birthday this year and with it a legacy that includes founding Ms Magazine, New York Magazine, co-creating Take Our Daughters to Work Day, starting organizations like the Women’s Action Alliance, Voters for Choice, co-founding the Women’s Media Center and writing several best-selling books including Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem. She has no intention of slowing down.

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Diane McEachern


Diane McEachern is an everyday woman living in Washington DC. Diane is on a mission to encourage women to harness their “power of the purse” and intentionally shift their spending to products with the greatest benefit to the environment. She believes the best way to fight the industries that pollute the planet, is to mobilize the most powerful consumer force in the world-women. Women spend 80-85 cents of every dollar in the marketplace.

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Chef Ann Cooper


Renegade school lunch lady, Chef Ann Cooper is an everyday woman living in Boulder, CO. The one-time high-end restaurant chef is on a mission to ensure that every child in America has access to healthy food at school. Having established a revolutionary school lunch program in Berkeley, CA with the vision and support of Alice Waters, Chef Ann is now serving 30,000 children a day in Boulder, CO healthy, nutritious school lunches and is moving forward to change policies at a national level.

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Beth Terry


Beth Terry is an everyday woman living in the Bay Area.  Three years ago, after reading an article about the rise of plastic in the world’s oceans, she realized that her own actions might be contributing to this problem.  Beth made a choice.  She challenged herself to eliminate the use of plastic, all the while documenting her experience on her blog Fake Plastic Fish.  What began as a simple personal test has grown into something much larger.

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Cathy Anderson-Meyers


Cathy Anderson-Meyers is an everyday woman living is Chicago Park. She is known as the “Snow Shoe Queen” and the founder of the Barbara Schmidt Millar Women's Triathlon taking place today.

In its 16th year, the Barbara Schmidt Millar “Celebration of Life” Women's Triathlon helps raise funds for the Breast Imagining Center at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and a scholarship for female high school graduates in Nevada County pursuing an education in the health care profession, in addition to educating women about breast cancer and making healthy choices.

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Stephanie Ramirez


Stephanie Ramirez is an everyday woman living in Eastside San Jose. The 23-year-old, former teenage runaway rebel now channels her energy and experience into activism and filmmaking that highlights women's voices.

Stephanie's life shifted drastically, as well as her relationship with her mother, when she became a participant in the Girls for a Change program. The national organization empowers teen girls to create and lead social change through an extensive mentorship program.

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Nicole Edmison


Nicole Edmison is an everyday woman living in the Bay Area. As a wildlife and conservationist biologist, journalist and blogger, she has a unique perspective on what was, has and is happening with the Gulf oil spill disaster.

She has the technical know-how, time and energy to understand what the impact an oil spill has on the environment; and because of her love of wildlife, she takes such acts of habitat destruction and animal harm very personally, something akin to her family being in danger.

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Diane Wilson


Diane Wilson is an everyday woman living in Sea Drift, Texas. In 1989, this fourth-generation shrimp boat captain discovered that her community was the most toxic county in America.
As a result, Diane took it upon herself to challenge Formosa Plastics, a large polluter in her town, and through radical action that included a hunger strike and sinking her own boat, she eventually won. The company agreed to eliminate toxic discharge into the bay.
Through the awakening of her new found activism, she wrote the book, “Unreasonable Woman” and co-founded the organization CODEPINK. Recently, Diane has made national news by speaking out against BP in order to protect the planet, the people, and our future.

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Jessica Reeder


Jessica Reeder is an everyday woman living in Reno, Nev. In August 2008, disenchanted with her way of living, Jessica pulled up her roots from underneath her and began looking for the life she wanted to lead.

She left her comfortable tech job in San Francisco Sold or gave away most of her things and put the rest into a cargo trailer and a backpack.

She left the trailer at her father's home, grabbed the backpack and headed out on the open road to travel and to learn along the way how to live in a sustainable way.

She started the blog UpRooted, a sustainable travel project about her two-year journey around the U.S. to promote the dual practices of sustainability and volunteerism.

It's an example of ecologically aware and environmentally viable travel on a very low budget. Along the way she learned some incredible life-altering lessons.

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Erin Switalski


Erin Switalski is an everyday women living in Missoula, Mont. Erin is putting her passion in social and environmental justice into action as the executive director for Women's Voices for the Earth (WVE).

Celebrating their 15th anniversary, WVE has educated thousands of women about the harmful effects of chemicals and provided tools to protect themselves and advocate for a healthier environment. This powerful yet small group of women has made significant impacts by speaking up and banding together.

Their successes include convincing corporations to disclose ingredients in their products, passing the Montana Thermostat Recycling Act of 2009, co-leading the national Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and co-founding the National Healthy Nail Salon Alliance.

Erin is also one of the 2010 winners of the New Leaders Council 40 Under 40 Awards.

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Betty Londergan


Betty Londergan is an everyday women living in Atlanta, Georgia.   She is the founder of What Gives 365 which entails giving $100 away everyday for a year and blogging about the incredible people and causes she is supporting.  Betty is using her expertise in advertising to promote solutions and extraordinary people who are making a difference.  While $100 might not seem like much, her project is creating a ripple effect around the world.


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Passion Into Action


Save the date Passion Into Action 2012 October 12th-14th, 2012 Details coming soon! —————————————————————————————————————————————— 2011

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Goldman Environmental Prize Winners and Activists

Special News Feature: The Goldman Environmental Prize is the largest award in the world to recognize grassroots environmental activists. The 2009 recipients were celebrated at the San Francisco War Memorial

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This Mom Fought in Iraq, Now She is Fighting for Our Planet

{loadaudio images/audio/Lindsey_Campbell_KVMR.mp3 # } Special News Feature: Thursday March 19th, 2009 marked the 6th anniversary of the Iraq war. What does that mean for us as women? Are we

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On January 23, 2010, See Jane Do presented the first annual Passion Into Action Women’s Conference

Nearly three hundred women attended the sold out event, which featured seventeen workshop leaders and three international keynote speakers. On today’s show listen to the keynote speakers including

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Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking – Oh My! Using Social Media to Incite Social Change

{loadaudio images/audio/BlogHer_KVMR.mp3 # } See Jane Do explores how social media can incite social change. We’ll hear from the founders of Blog Her, the number-one community for and guide

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Taking Planet Earth off the Market

Maria Gunnoe

In observance of our nation's Independence Day, See Jane Do explores what the land of the free means to everyday women and shares the stories of women who are "taking planet earth off the market" by speaking up and taking on "the big guys" in their communities.

In observance of our nation's Independence Day, See Jane Do explores what the land of the free means to everyday women.

Maria GunnoeFor Maria Gunnoe, Judy Bonds, Lydia Olympic, and Virginia Brunini it means free from environmental destruction, harmful toxins, and corporate greed.  They are "taking planet earth off the market" by speaking up and taking on "the big guys" in their communities.

West Virginian Maria Gunnoe Maria Gunnoe recently won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for her work.  Gunnoe's home has flooded several times since coal-mining companies built two toxic-waste ponds above the Boone County property.

The mine waste has poisoned her well and drinking water.  Incited to take action, she has organized community members and worked successfully for the closure of several mines and for tighter regulations on those that remain open.

Maria Gunnoe

Julia "Judy" Bonds is the co-director for Coal River Mountain Watch.  She is a coal miner's daughter, granddaughter. She is an Appalachian American and her family has lived in the Coal River Valley in West Virginia for 10 generations.

Judy has been fighting for social and environmental justice for Appalachian coalfields since 1998. In 2003 she won the coveted Goldman Environmental Prize. Since winning the award Julia and others at Coal River Mountain Watch have embarked on a road show to educate America about the clean water act and to educate and motivate Americans about where their electricity comes from and who pays the true price.

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Training Women to Take the Lead


I want you to run for office! That's the message White House Project founder Marie Wilson is sending to women across the nation. On the second part of this See Jane Do special, featured guests Marie Wilson, Gloria Feldt, Mayor Reinette Senum and aspiring candidate Kristy Pagan will share why it's more important than ever for women to take the lead and run.

According to the recent Shriver Report, women now make up half of the workforce and in many cases are the breadwinner for their family. Women make up half the population, yet we still hold a small minority in elected representation in the United States.

In this story we feature several extraordinary Jane's who are demonstrating how every women can run for office and share why it's so important for every women to be involved.

A handful of organizations such as the White House Project, a nonpartisan organization that has trained over 6,000 women to lead from their communities all the way to the White House, are pitching in to train and support women towards taking a greater role in leadership.

Hear from White House Project founder Marie Wilson, staff and trainees about their recent success.  Also featured is political activist, media commentator, and best selling author, Gloria Feldt. Nevada City, CA Mayor Reinette Senum and political leader Kristy Pagan Kathleen also share their personal stories and triumphs in living a political life.

Learn what you can do today to get involved and make a difference. We're the ones we've been waiting for and our time is now!

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Making the Planet Less Trashy and with Less Plastic


Women are flexing their purchase power by leaving the planet less trashy and with less plastic. Join See Jane Do and take a ride on the plastic free wave (literally) and feature several extraordinary Jane's who demonstrate alternatives to a throw away society.

Blogger of Fake Plastic Fish, Beth Terry began to eliminate her use of plastic three years ago and is now encouraging everyone to participate in the plastic challenge.  Beth proved that one person can make a difference. She took on one of the largest corporations in the Bay Area and persuaded Brita to recycle their water filters in the United States.

And what do you do with all that left over plastic? Activist, artist, and surfer, Kathleen Egan collected plastic from all over the world and created a giant plastic wave to bring awareness to our plastic waste.

Beth Terry examining her plastic collection and Kathleen Egan in the plastic wave

Kathleen isn't the only one riding for a cause.  We spoke with education advisor of Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Anna Cummins who rode her Xtracycle (with activist and husband Dr. Marcus Eriksen) over 2,000 miles from Canada to Mexico to present over forty workshops about plastic pollution and its harmful effects on humans and wildlife.  Cummins even traveled 4,000 miles by boat to the plastic gyre that circles in the Pacific Ocean.

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Get Involved

Join thousands of Jane’s around the world just like you and get involved in a movement that starts with everyone just doing their part. Join the See Jane Do community to share the great work you

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See Jane Do Trivia

What percentage of American families never eat dinner together? 1. 20% 2. 70%
3. 40% 
4. 80% The answer is #3, 40% of American families never eat dinner together. For More Information

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How One Woman and One Small Town Can Change the World

I live in a small town in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California. In general Nevada City, CA is an extremely charming and picturesque town and at one time was the third largest city in California

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Jane Mail – Donna Childress

Hi, Elisa and Leta. I saw your post on the DC EcoWomen listserv and wanted to share my story. I’ve loved nature and playing outside for all of my life. But I didn’t know much about environmental issues

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Jane Mail – Monique Tilford


Hi there Elisa and Leta I am impressed by the good work you are doing on behalf of the planet! I am a mother of two girls (Elli, 6 and Bella, 3) and have been an environmental activist for 20 years,

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See Jane Do Makes Peace in D.C.


Considering our luck over the day I suggested we stop by the Peace Ball to see if we might get into the event with media credentials. At the entrance to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum stood

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He’s Walking! President Obama Walking in Inaugural Parade


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See Jane Do Trivia


Question: What year did women win the right to vote in America? Answer: Women won the right to vote in 1920!

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Tweeting, Twurling and Blogging: Women Change the World with Social Media


As women, telling stories comes naturally to most of us.  We also know how to get the word out fast.

Incorporate social networking and the on-line movement and there's potential for a social change explosion. It seems women are starting to renew our communities and the planet at an extremely rapid pace with the support of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook in addition to women oriented organizations like BlogHer and MomsRising.org.

In pursuit of the next episode of See Jane Do we have been extremely inspired by the incredible women we've met who are taking new media to a new level.  As mothers, we were thrilled to meet the "godmother of the on-line movement" (as her staff refers to her), Joan Blades.  You know Joan, she is the co-founder of MoveOn.org.  She wanted to provide a voice for women in the White House so several years ago she co-founded MomsRising.org.

MomsRising has created an on-line movement that is transforming issues often prevalent to women, families and caretakers including; health-care, family leave, fair wages, and childcare.  "With over 250,000 members MomsRising is creating change we can see", says staff member and mother Anita Jackson.

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Lilly Marie is Doing Her Part by Supporting a Department of Peace


Find out how this peace activist is working to transform policies around peace and work within her own community to encourage peace as a patriotic practice. Do you know an everyday women doing extraordinary

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Norma Henry is Doing Her Part by Learning About Our Past


Norma Henry might be retired but that hasn’t slowed her down. She continues to do her part for the planet by volunteering at an animal shelter. And as a fan of genealogy, Norma also stresses that we

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This Mom Fought in Iraq, Now She is Fighting For Our Planet


Thursday March 19th, 2009 marked the 6th anniversary of the Iraq war. What does that mean for us as women? Are we better off than we were before? For Lindsey Campbell, this question is very personal. Four

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She’s Making History in Our Community!


In celebration of Women’s History Month, See Jane Do is broadcasting a conversation with eight women leaders from our community who are leading the way to enhance the planet and are making their mark

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Getting Back to the Basics: Three Economical Ways Women Go Local with Food


See Jane Do has interviewed numerous women who are getting back to the basics in order to enhance the planet, improve their quality of life and save money. Following are three economical ways they have

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Jane Mail: She’s Creating a Legacy at Home

I’m a firm believer that being extraordinary means sharing your passion and going above and beyond the standard norm. It’s about doing your part and being exceptional at whatever your contribution might

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