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Elisa Parker with Kimberly Ellis: Women Emerge in California as Political Leaders

The most important things that impact everyday life happen at the local level and we as women are well positioned to really get activated and engaged in a way that we haven’t been before.  For a lot of women because of our upbringing and how we’ve been cultured, we have a natural resistance to power because historically power has been used over us and against us.  We as women can shift the way that power is used, we can gain power and we can use power to help others.

~ Kimberly Ellis, Director, California Emerge and Candidate for CA, Chair of the Democratic Party

Emerge California is changing the face of California politics by identifying, training and inspiring Democratic women to run for public office, get elected and seek higher office.

This year, they are launching a new county-based initiative to recruit women to participate in our regional training programs. Each year through 2020, Emerge will identify counties where Democrats can win and where there is an under-representation of women in public office.

For the 2016-2017 program year, Emerge California has chosen Nevada County and hopes to work closely with local women’s political and Democratic organizations to not only identify potential women candidates, but to strengthen the organizational capacity of women’s groups to train, support and advocate for the election of women.

Emerge California will host an initial briefing and organizing meeting to further discuss the initiative. We’d like to invite you to join the conversation.

Let’s work together to build the bench and fill the political pipeline throughout Nevada County with talented women who are ready to lead!

Or contact Sushila Mertens at: blinkandbreathe@gmail.com (530) 305-6045

Meet Kimberly, Executive Director, Emerge California:

Kimberly Ellis has been the executive director of Emerge California since 2010. Under her leadership, Emerge California has greatly expanded its reach, effectiveness, and visibility.

Prior to joining Emerge California, Kimberly worked at the national headquarters, Emerge America, as the National Affiliate Director. In this capacity, Kimberly was responsible for launching new state programs and working with existing affiliates to increase and strengthen program quality, sustainability and growth.

During her tenure at Emerge America, Kimberly developed and implemented systems to increase organizational infrastructure at both the national and state levels. She also worked to strengthen and standardize the Emerge program and curriculum to preserve brand quality, effectiveness, and consistency across the national network.

A 2007 Emerge California graduate, Kimberly has personal, firsthand experience with the Emerge program. Passionate about the organization’s mission of inspiring and empowering women to step into political power, Kimberly is committed to helping Emerge California bolster its brand and influence as the program strengthens and expands throughout the state.

The majority of Kimberly’s background and experience is in operations management and organizational infrastructure development and implementation. She has worked in private industry, state government, and the non-profit sector.

Appointed by the Mayor in 2009, Kimberly has also served as a Commissioner for the Community Development Commission in the City of Richmond.

Kimberly has two children, one husband, a dog, a turtle and three goldfish, and holds a B.A. in English from Jacksonville University and a J.D. from the John F. Kennedy School of Law.

Kimberly can be reached via email at kimberly@emergeca.org.

As the very first African American Executive Director in Emerge America’s national network, Kimberly Ellis has worked tirelessly to support, train, and inspire Democratic women to step in to political power here in California.


Kimberly Ellis is the Democratic Party’s right choice for Chair. 

Kimberly has worked in private industry, state government and the non-profit sector, developing leaders and successful organizations. In 2009, she was appointed by the Mayor to serve as a Commissioner for the Community Development Commission in the City of Richmond.

As Recording Secretary, Kimberly has brought expertise and experience to the African American Caucus and Democratic Party as a whole. Our state and nation are at a critical point in history. We have an opportunity to reshape the narrative around important issues facing the Black community. As a woman and a mother of two, Kimberly cares deeply about the future of our party, and she is the right person to help lead it.

At Emerge, the ultimate goal is to increase the number of Democratic women in public office. Kimberly Ellis has decided to lead by example, and we hope you will stand with her and get involved in our campaign.

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