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Sonika Tinker: Creating Everything from Nothing

Sonika Tinker, co-founder of LoveWorks, encourages all of  us to create the life you desire! Sonika lost almost $200K in a bad investment. Not only that, but the real estate market tanked and she lost her revenue stream, several rentals and her home went to foreclosure. At that time, she was making $15K a year from her LoveWorks relationship training business, had over $100K in debt and had no idea how she and her family were going to make it financially. Rather than succumb to fear, panic and doubt, she declared, “I will not go down!!” and proceeded to co-create with her husband a six-figure business in eight months — from nothing!

In the See Jane Do Passion into Action Experience:  Live Interactive Online Program for Women, Sonika will share how you can actively CREATE what YOU desire — in relationship, family, work, money and sex.

Watch Sonika’s message to you:


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