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I’m a Diver That Came Up For Air: Thriving In the Resistance

Freediver-Near-Surface-58b8f30d5f9b58af5cac915dI’m a diver that came up for air.  While chatting with a friend recently about summer happenings I caught myself (with a sigh) saying “I had to unplug for a bit”,  I quickly changed my story to, “I plugged into to ways I could better take care of myself this summer and my family.”  After all, we are re-defining what it means to be an activist.  It’s not always easy…launching several significant projects, staying afloat all while making sure my kids get to their friend’s house safely and having quality time with family visiting from out of town.  Perhaps you can relate.

The patriarchy models, the broken systems we’ve been encouraged to lean into, will have us believe that activism requires constant, full speed ahead, masculine action in order to create social change.  Yet more often than not, the most creative moments occur in that space in between.  Collaboration requires relationship building, time and trust.  Taking action could very well mean taking a breath to better serve your overall well-being and regain clarity.

I believe it’s possible for us, as Indivisible Women to re-define effective activism and to recognize that Nourish to Flourish, learning techniques to better communicate (speaking with intention, clarity and transparency) and connecting with our sisters through service, an inspired poem or song are all action oriented and are all essential to creating social change and the world we want to see.  It’s the ebb and flow of life, get charged up and don’t expect new outcomes by doing things the same way.

Of course, we are needed now, more than ever, to show up and use our voice, to participate as citizens in civic engagement, but let us not forget the beauty and power we hold when we acknowledge our whole self. Summer begs us to envelop in the fullness of our senses, swimming in the river, BBQ with friends, a walk in the woods…all of these experiences lend to a better appreciation for our planet, our loved ones, ourselves.

Dipping your toe in the water, creating ripples…those moments are often the ones that open our hearts and give us cause to rise up together and protect that which we treasure the most.  I know you’re still here in the chaotic nebula.  Please know that as you plug in for self-care, like the Canadian Geese in flight, taking the lead, I have your back and when you’re ready, I’ll pull back with my fellow sisters so you can take flight.  How have you been plugging in this summer and showing up for yourself?

By Elisa Parker, PerSister

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