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Elisa Parker with Loretta Bozung: The Art of Building Yourself Back Up All Over Again

I think everyone has the power to create and tell a story and not all of us have unleashed it.” ~Loretta Bozung, artist, educator & founder of Camp ArtSeen

From cancer to camp, Loretta shares how art, community and connection saved her life.

While recovering from a life-threatening illness, artist Loretta Bozung was invited to spend a winter in the Northern California Redwoods at a summer camp retreat that was closed for the season. During this time of healing and communing with nature, her passion for creativity was rekindled, and she wanted to share the experience with others.

In collaboration with fellow artists and friends, Bozung created Camp ArtSeen, an annual, weekend art retreat combining the playfulness of summer camp, the inspiration of art school, and the opportunity to just let go. Now in its third year, Camp ArtSeen brings together working artists, aspiring makers, and curious creative types to make art and make friends in a beautiful, peaceful setting, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The art retreat schedule changes a bit each year, but typical activities include art workshops, yoga, live music, movie night, glow-in-the-dark bocce ball, sunbathing and swimming, hiking, sharing organic meals, and plenty of free time to hike alone or share stories with fellow campers over a glass of wine.

In 2014, Bozung realized she couldn’t wait another year to make art with friends, so she started hosting mini art retreat workshops in San Francisco.


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