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Elisa Parker with Lore Ross, Medium: A Message to You From the Ancient Ones

Go inside and trust your own heart and your intuition.  You are as strong as you will ever need to be in this moment.” ~Lore Ross, Medium & Healer

From corporate to psychic, Lore Ross, medium & channel shares important insights and messages for you for 2016.  Plus, how she took a leap of faith to share her gifts & talents and yes even an ancient language that is healing the world.

About Lore:

Rewrite the body

I have been an intuitive my entire life. It began in my childhood with premonitions and dreams. As I became older, I experienced a feeling and certainty around other peoples’ experiences, as well as my own. As a young adult, I began to work with crystals, colors, and Tarot cards, which allowed more awareness of my skills and abilities as a clairvoyant. For the past twenty years, I have channeled healing energy and information for individuals. Clients have come to me for illness, injury, and trauma, as well as for answers to their questions around love and relationships, career, finances, and family.

I work with ancestors, the Ancient ones, the energy of beings who speak and work through me with vibration, harmonic tones, and native/ancient languages. The Ancestors are Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed through this realm. Together, we offer non-directive channeling where I am able to use my gifts as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, an empath, and a medium; I am able to remotely view inside an individual’s energy and ancestral lineage, which allows for a deeper perspective into their past, present, and chosen future. In addition to the channeled languages, I work with crystals.

Work with ancestors and lineage offer a deeper level of information and the opportunity for individuals to connect and heal with those who have passed on hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Their ancestors speak through my voice and will arrive with a variety of ancient and traditional dialects, depending upon the lineage of the client. I am able to quickly translate the language, whether it is a question, statement, or blessing for the client.

I have been told by my clients that the interpretation and sound of the language is very important and offers them a calm awareness. They also say how invaluable the opportunity is to receive information about their family lines. As we continue to work together, they will often bring their family members to see me. In addition, I am told by clients the channeled language allows them to feel bonded with those who have departed, and they feel a deep connection to the information which is being brought forth.

As a medium, I am able to work with the departed who come to visit before or during sessions. Oftentimes, more than one loved one will come to communicate or support an individual. In fact, one time I had seven relatives visit during a reading. That client continues to tell me how grateful she is to have been able to reconnect on such a deep level with her family.

I have a BS in Psychology, Counseling and an MA in English, Creative Writing. In addition, I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master, and BodyTalk Systems Practitioner.

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