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Anab Dahir: Running to Become the 1st Female President of Somalia

“Men have led Somalia for 25 years and they’ve never done anything.  Now, it’s the women’s turn.”~Anab Dahir, Somalia Presidential Candidate

Go Run participant Anab Dahir shares why she is rising up, why she told her husband I will no longer remain on the sidelines and why women need to use their gifts to make the world a better place. Anab is the founder and director of the Central Minnesota Somali Women Support, an organization geared toward working with female immigrants to foster cultural integration and provide those women with the resources to become self-sufficient….and now she is running for President of Somalia.

Elisa Parker of See Jane Do spoke with Anab Dahir in November,2014 before she decided to run.

Vote Run Lead is strengthening democracy by unleashing the power of women leaders through training, technology and community. VoteRunLead.org @voterunlead SeeJaneDo.com


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