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See Jane Do Presents: Live Interactive Experience for Women: Awaken, Connect, Thrive!


AWAKEN to your purpose-what you’re here to create and align with your passions.  Live a life in creativity, love and joy.

CONNECT with other like-minded women in a community that fosters support, authenticity and fun.  To be seen and to be listened to for the amazing person that you are.

THRIVE and live a life that sustains your purpose and passion.  Rather than lean broken systems and putting on the pant suits, learn how to create new models that are optimized for you as an empowered and creative woman.

We understand that you are a change-maker who realizes that you’re here for a reason, to create something in this lifetime that will make a difference.  We want to help provide you with the resources, connections and tools to help create the life you’re meant to live.  We have brought together hundreds of women at the PIA women’s conference in our rural community in Northern California.  Now we reach out to women around the world to participate in the magical experience we call, Passion into Action Experience.

The world is waiting for you.  You matter.  You were made for these times.  Join us!

PIA Experience CollageThe See Jane Do Passion into Action Experience is an interactive tele-class & social webinar series for women that consists of a 4-part quarterly series  of  8 weeks sessions over the year.  32 life changing classes including:

  • Interactive virtual workshops led by extraordinary women (many are former PIA presenters)
  • Live Q & A Sessions with Keynote Speakers
  • See Jane Do Community Forum
  • See Jane Do Virtual Circles:  Open House Call-ins with SJD Coaches and Like-Minded Women and the men who support us.

Course Sessions:  Wednesdays 5:00PM-6:15PM PST Webinar/Tele-Class


Become a Member of See Jane Do & Receive Full Access to the Passion into Action Experience

Do you…

  • Feel like you’ve lost your way but have a yearning to re-connect with your heart’s greatest desires.
  • Yearn to align your purpose with financial abundance.
  • Desire a life that embodies creativity, love, joy (and yes even play).
  • Feel connected with your passions but aren’t sure how to share it with the world.
  • Wish for support and connectedness with others to help propel your visions and dreams.
  • Feel it’s your time to rise and become your most authentic self.

The Passion into Action Experience is designed for you!  

Passion into to Action Experience:  Live Interactive Telecourse & Social Webinar Series

4  Courses- 32 Weeks (participate in every class or pick & choose)

Part #1 Living With Abundance: Turning Passion into Profit

Can You Afford to Wait Another 6 Months

8 Week Series8 Week LIVE Interactive Teleclass & Social Webinar Series

May 15th-July 3rd, 2013

Wednesdays:  5:00 PM-6:15 PM PST

*Can’t attend a live class:  All sessions available to download


Passion into Action Living with Abundance

Featuring Passion into Action Leaders:  Sonika Tinker, Alix Rager & Mara Hoover

In Part #1 of this interactive series- Living With Abundance,  you will:

  • Learn how to Create What you Desire
  • Learn How to Become Financially Empowered
  • Start building a new relationship with money
  • Learn tools to turn passion into profit
  • Align with  The Passion Path Process:  5 Steps to Clarity of Your Purpose & Alignment to It”
  • Have a clear path for moving forward that doesn’t involve to-do lists, goal setting and working hard
  • Discover your unique greatness and potential
  • Connect with other like-minded women with support, creativity and joy.
  • Discover new models that lean out of broken systems and lean into authentic, feminine power


173LovewksSonika Tinker:  Create What you Desire

May 15th, 22nd & 29th

5:00-6:00PM PST: Live Tele-Class

Description: About four years ago, Sonika lost almost $200K in a bad investment. Not only that, but the real estate market tanked and she lost her revenue stream, several rentals and her home went to foreclosure. At that time, she was making $15K a year from her LoveWorks relationship training business, had over $100K in debt and had no idea how she and her family were going to make it financially. Rather than succumb to fear, panic and doubt, she declared, “I will not go down!!” and proceeded to co-create with her husband a six-figure business in eight months – from nothing!

Sonika will share on this tele-seminar how you can actively CREATE what YOU desire – in relationship, family, work, money, sex, you name it – from nothing!!

In this two-week tele-seminar, you will:

·    – Learn how you can start from wherever you are to create quantum leaps in your work, financial and relationship life

·    – Discover how to keep yourself focused during challenging times

·    – Learn the crucial steps for aligning yourself with vision

·    – Know how to leverage the support of unforeseen forces to launch your dreams into reality

·    – Have a clear path for moving forward that doesn’t involve to-do lists, goal setting and working hard

Meet Sonika

Sonika Tinker, MSW, is a Relationship Expert, Transformational Coach, National Speaker and Author of Seize Your Opportunities: Living a Life Without Limits. She is the Founder of LoveWorks, a successful relationship training company, and has over 40 years experience helping singles and couples learn a radical new way to approach life and relationship. She produces and leads live transformational trainings with her husband, Christian Pedersen, offers free weekly teaching videos, and has a private coaching practice. Sonika is most recognized for her deep loving presence, her candid honesty, her laser insight, cutting edge content and extremely practical tools for change.

Alix_HOME_HeaderAlix Rager:  The Passion Path Process:  5 Steps to Clarity of Your Purpose & Alignment to It”

June 5th, 12th & 19th

5:00-6:00PM PST: Live Webinar

Are you done with feeling stuck, overwhelmed and reactive?

Perhaps you’re feeling like I did once upon a time…

You hear that “once quiet whisper” growing to a full on calling to become more, impact more and have more fulfillment in your life.

But it feels like you’ve hit a ceiling and you’re ready to break through and create the ideal life you were born for – with authenticity.

In fact, you know you have to.

You can feel the frustration and dissatisfaction that you aren’t where you thought you’d be by now; be it in your life, love, health or business; and you’re ready to get on-purpose.

You dream of…

  • Waking up each day grateful and excited
  • Feeling energized, clear, on purpose and effective
  • Attracting everything you want and need
  • Having more time, fun, and making more money

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to create the life you want…

Come join Alix Rager and learn how to uncover your Passion Path so you can align and tap your Sweet Spot POWER of effortlessness, flow and attraction in all of your life areas.

Isn’t it your time to shine as your authentic self with your unique purpose here?

In these packed sessions you’ll learn a step-by-step workshop called “The Passion Path Process”- which will help you:

  • Discover your unique greatness and potential
  • Uncover your true passion and direction
  • Gain clarity of your ideal life
  • Tap your deepest motivation
  • Align and balance your life and life work
  • Begin to source your feminine Sweet Spot POWER

Register now for this opportunity to get clear & on purpose – becoming authentically YOU!

Meet Alix:

Alix Rager is a top entrepreneur mentor & success coach dedicated to helping women on a mission to restore their powerful feminine core while uncovering and delivering their unique gifts to the world at a high level… without sacrificing their health, relationships, or massive impact & profits!

Her unique success journey, background, and hands-on work with hundreds of entrepreneurs has led to a crystal clear understanding of what could be considered a  spiritual journey we must embark on to uncover and live our authentic purpose. A journey to restore our alignment, intuition, clarity, mindsets, self-love & care, and masculine-feminine balance that is necessary to become wildly successful in life, love, health & business.

She specifically focuses on these foundations as she delivers the “how to be” to play full out the feminine way… with more ease, flow, intuition & attraction; tapping into what she calls your “Sweet Spot POWER”.

Over the course of 16 years as an entrepreneur, Alix has covered much ground in the transformations of her clients: beginning at the surface level as a makeup artist, deeper into nutrition and fitness as a trained expert and business owner, and further still as she coached and developed leaders with a team of hundreds of entrepreneurs for 8 years as a National Marketing Director.

Alix is a recognized and award-winning leader, coach, marketing expert, mentor, speaker, and co-author of Smart Women Embrace Transitions. She is the founder of Sweet Spot POWER ~ Purpose, Passion & Profits for Women and creator of multiple private and group programs. She proudly offers her trainings, mentoring and coaching to women on a mission and entrepreneurs worldwide.

She is committed to helping you reach levels of self mastery & love that create quantum, yet graceful leaps to the life you were meant to live with your Sweet Spot POWER. Hop over to www.SweetSpotPOWER.com and join her tribe of powerful women making a difference.

marah ba_1008-a copyMara Hoover:  Women & Wealth- Financial FemmePowerment

June 26th & July 3rd

5:00-6:00PM PST: Live Tele-Class

Session 1

  • Why Financial FemmePowerment?
  • Discovering your money story
  • Start building a new relationship with money by changing what you say
  • Why are you seeking money, what will it help you do/be/accomplish
  • Create a Money Mantra
  • See your mantra as your destiny
  • Speak the language of success
  • Find a money mentor

Session 2

  • Your Gratitude List
  • Knowing Your Self Worth
  • Creating your Financial Goal- Think Big!
  • Your Personal Power Statement & Financial Attitudes
  • Money Matters

Meet Mara:

Mara Hoover has been an entrepreneur from as far back as she can remember, she started her first business venture with her father at five years old. Since then, she has become a successful and savvy business professional. As a Senior Vice President at Five Rings Financial, Mara is passionate about using her skills and talents to educate and empower her clients, especially women, to achieve financial success and independence. She works with a wide variety of clients: from business owners to business executives; from young families to successful singles. She enjoys creating plans that help them reach their financial goals. Mara is a graduate of Pepperdine University, a published author of the book series My Grumpy Husband, a fluent Spanish speaker, an active Soroptimist and avid networker in her community.


The Passion into Action Experience

FREE to See Jane Do members!

Move beyond what holds you back…take a leap of faith and create the life you were meant to live

Two ways to invest in your future as a See Jane Do Member:

$199 paid in full (savings of 17%) annual membership

$19.99 per month


  • See Jane Do Annual Membership
  • Full Access to Passion into Action Experience:  Live online workshops with extraordinary women including: Heather Donahue, Gloria Feldt, Jennifer Cohen, Kim Carpenter, Chic-CEO Founders, Roberta Guise, Chameli Ardagh, Alexia Vernon, Alara Castell, Marilyn Nyborg,  Kathleen McIntire, Mary Elizabeth Youngh, Robin Milam and more!
  • Full Access to Downloaded Sessions and Podcasts
  • See Jane Do Community Forum
  • See Jane Do Circles- Open house call-in sessions with See Jane Do coaches and partners



Live Online Q & A with See Jane Do Keynote Speakers Including:  Kathy LeMay, Nina Simons, Jean Shinoda Bolen and more!

Value:  $1,200

FREE to See Jane Do Members

Extra Bonus:

Monthly Audio Seminars and Interview Sessions with extraordinary women including:  Martha Beck, Holly Near, Jensine Larsen, Gloria Steinem, Terry Tempest Williams, Tiffany Dufu and more!

FREE to See Jane Do Members

1 More Bonus:

Passion into Action Tool-Kit Including Video Library of Passion into Action Tips and Tools

FREE to See Jane Do Members

Total Actual Value:  $5,500

*Our presenters have generously offered to reduce their regular fees in order to share their techniques, tips, tools & passion with the See Jane Do community.

**Becoming a member instead of paying for one course:  The Passion into Action Experience isn’t your typical webinar or event where you participate once and are left are your own.  Passion into Action is the experience of connecting with other women, developing a support network that has your back and leads you through a progression of incredible hands-on workshops that can support you in creating the life you are meant to live.  Of course you have the option of picking and choosing which sessions you would like to participate in but we would also like to encourage you to take full access of this program, the classes, the See Jane Do coaching circles, the conversations with our keynote speakers, the community forum and truly invest in yourself.  You are not in this alone and we will not leave you behind.

You Pay:  $199 Annual Membership (17% savings) or $19.99 per Month



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