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Yang Lan, The Oprah of China: The Power of Influence at Women Moving Millions

I wanted to establish my own media company which was very difficult.  My first motivation was to tell the stories, having women’s voices heard to push progress in public policy.”

~Yang Lan, Her Village & Sun Media Group

Yang Lan is one of the most respected women in China.  Her weekly show alone averages over 300 million viewers.

Yang Lan is a Chinese media proprietor, journalist, and talk show host. She is the Cofounder and Chairperson of the Sun Media Group and the Sun Culture Foundation. In 2013, she’s ranked 100 in the 100 World’s Most Powerful Women in Forbes.

Yang Lan’s rise to stardom in China has drawn comparisons to Oprah Winfrey’s success in the US. It’s easy to see why: Yang is a self-made entrepreneur and the most powerful woman in the Chinese media.

Yang started her journalism career by establishing the first current-events TV program in China. She created and hosted many other groundbreaking shows, starting with the chatfest Yang Lan One on One. The popular Her Village, which now includes an online magazine and website, brings together China’s largest community of professional women (more than 200 million people a month).

Yang, who served as an ambassador for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, wields her influence for philanthropic endeavors, too. She founded the Sun Culture Foundation in 2005 to raise awareness about poverty and to promote cross-cultural communication.

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