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Women’s Hope in Healthcare

Paid leave for new parents, gender rating, Stupak Amendment, and maternity coverage; these are the issues women and families are currently facing in the United States.

Whether you’re for universal healthcare or not, pro-choice or anti-choice, most might agree that women’s health needs often take the back seat in the America. As a result, many women are standing up and moving forward for their healthcare rights. On See Jane Do we feature women who are putting hope into healthcare.

Clinical manager, Kim Robinson and director Eileen Schnitger of the Women’s Health Specialists are empowering women to take their health into their own hands. Serving over 55,000 women and men per year, this organization is serving the thousands of Californians who do not have adequate healthcare coverage or the proper services and resources in their community.

We also feature Joan Blades, co-founder and president of MomsRising.org. MomsRising now has over one million members and is making headway in policy changes around paid leave for new mothers and fathers and healthcare coverage for children.

Of course we also share the stories, your stories of everyday women who are voicing the need for universal healthcare and better care for women overall.

If we are to have a healthy planet we need healthy people.

Listen to this moving episode of See Jane Do:

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