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Training Women to Take the Lead and Run: We still want you to run for office!

We still want you to run for office!
See Jane Do’s part II episode of Training Women to Take the Lead and Run will air tomorrow November 24th from 12:00-1:00 PM KVMR, 89.5 or www.KVMR.org

According to Linda Tarr-Whelan author and former Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, we can create a tipping point towards balanced leadership in the United States political system with women taking on 30% of elected representation. That means we’re about half way there.

Who will do their part to fill that void? It’s everyday women just like you and me. But you’re not expected to do this on your own. A handful of organizations such as the White House Project are pitching in to train and support women towards taking a greater role in leadership.

The White House Project is a nonpartisan organization that has trained over 6,000 women to lead from their communities all the way to the White House. They even worked with Oprah last year in training women to lead the way. We speak with White House Project founder Marie Wilson, staff and trainees about their recent success.

Also featured is political activist, media commentator, and best selling author, Gloria Feldt. Gloria has been named one of the top 200 women leaders and trailblazers by Vanity Fair Magazine. She is also one the keynote speakers at the upcoming See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference.

Mayor Reinette Senum and political leader Kristy Pagan share their personal stories and triumphs in living a political life.

Perhaps you’ve never considered running. This program just might change your mind or at least encourage you to tap your friend on the shoulder and ask them to run instead.

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