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See Jane Do Women & Wealth with Janice Dunn: How To Thrive & Prosper with a Budget

“Budget is not an evil word.  All a budget does is allow you to be more successful with your money.  It’s not a restraining thing.  It’s a place where you can plant seeds to you know where you can grow them.” ~Janice Dunn, Financial Advisor

In this podcast financial Advisor, Janice Dunn shares the top 3 things you can do today to prosper and thrive.

About Janice Dunn

Janice strives to create financial success for her clients through honoring each person’s unique value system and helping them attain the best financial plan that is tailored for them. Financial plans can change over the course of a lifetime, but the cornerstones of clear communication and long standing trust does not. Under these core values working with Janice allows her clients to continually assess their progress and goals and gives them the ability to adjust their ever-changing financial plan as life evolves.

A Wealth of Experience 

Janice joined Baird in 2015, and brings 15 years of industry experience to her clients. Prior to Baird, Janice worked as a Relationship Manager at the Partnervest Financial Group. Her areas of expertise include women’s wealth management regarding financial planning and retirement, comprehensive and holistic intergenerational planning, as well as transitional planning around divorce, death and inheritance. Janice’s financial planning process is based on the values of connecting and understanding. Through this process she integrates her client’s financial vision into a workable strategy. Her practice is built on a cooperative and equality based foundation, offering her professional knowledge and service to her clients.

Janice graduated from The University of Oregon in 1986, and completed a Teacher’s Certification course-Type A at the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1989.

Committed to the Community

Janice has been living in Penn Valley for the past three and a half years. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association for over a decade, and is also a board member for The FPA Nor-Cal Conference in San Francisco and The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley.  Her interests include arts, education, skiing, and yoga.

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