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See Jane Do Wild and Scenic Media Lounge Schedule

Meet your favorite environmental heroes and filmmakers this weekend and get the story behind the story.

Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival Media Lounge

Scheduled Interviews

Saturday January 16th, 2010

Heather Hudson: The Women and The Waves

10:00 AM: Sally Rubin Terry Ratliff: Deep Down

10:30 AM: Caleen Sisk-Franco: Spiritual leader of Winnemem Wintu Tribe, Joann, Brigette

11:00 AM: Mark Terry w/ Herb Terry: Antartica Challenge

11:30 AM: Jon Bowermaster: Terra Antartica

12:00 PM: Colin Beavan: No Impact Man

12:30 PM: Tim DeChristopher

1:00 PM: Beth and George Gage with Carrie Dann: American Outrage

1:30 PM: Shannon Biggs & Kevin Global Exchange

2:30 PM: Deborah Garcia: Soil in Good Heart

3:00 PM: Deborah Lindsay: Environmental Community Organizer

3:30 PM: Seth Warren with Special Guest: Nature Propelled

4:00 PM: Denise Zmekhol :Trading Bows and Arrow for Laptops

4:30 PM: Bill Chayes: Call it Home, Searching for the Truth

5:00 PM: Robert McFalls with Jules Dervaes: Homegrown Revolution

5:30 PM: Majka Burhardt: Way Point Namibia

6:00 PM: Kevin Tomlinson and One Pine Back to the Garden

6:30 PM: UC Davis Professor, Roger Ingram

6:45 PM: David Pearl: PolyCultures: Food Where We Live

7:00 PM: Shelley Rogers, Marty Mesh: What’s Organic About Organic

Sunday January 17th, 2010

10:00 AM: Susan Shumaker: The National Parks: This is America

10:30 AM: Tim Castleman and Ryan: iDrive 55

11:00 AM: Laurette Rogers: A simple question: The Story of STRAW

11:30 AM: Alison Teal Blehert (and parents): Alison’s Adventures: INCAntations

12:00 PM: Suzan Beraza: Bag It

12:30 PM: Story of Cap and Trade

1:00 PM: Chris Taylor: Food Fight

1:30 PM: Chelsea Congdon: Forever Wild

2:00 PM: Lynne Cherry: Young Voices

2:30 PM: A Sheltered Sea: William Bayne

3:00 PM: Terra Nyssa and Don: Uma Totodom and Sacred Place

4:00 PM: Jessica Sison: My Mother Said

4:30 PM: Stephen Most: River of Renewal

*Schedule is subject to change

You can also watch the interviews and catch the action online as we stream live with Cognizant Productions at www.livestream.com, www.NevadaCountyTV.com, www.GreenTV.com.

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