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Passion into Action with Jacqueline Boone: How to Live Your Passion Through Business

“All things are possible when we acknowledge our own freedom and power to make a profound impact in the world.” ~Jacqueline Boone

Jacqueline Butterfly SimpleYou’ve connected with Jacqueline Boone via our online classes now you can participate in her workshop at See Jane Do Passion into Action!  

Can you imagine waking up every day living your purpose, making a difference, and doing so through business? This workshop is for the women who want to have it all–an abundant career that fulfills them, freedom, and a life they love. Whether you work in corporate, own your own business, or are a soon-to-be entrepreneur, this workshop will share with you the essentials of creating life on your own terms, while using your gifts and making an impact through business.
Join Jacqueline Boone, an International Business and Digital Marketing Consultant and CEO of the blog, web show, and soon-to-be online publication, “6 Months to Live,” as she shares the secrets behind some of her greatest business and life adventures which include, but are not limited to, working for the Beijing Olympics, crewing for a skipper in Mexico, and landing her dreams job managing international M&A at 26. Her best adventure yet has by far been that of entrepreneurship and running her own company helping women all over the world achieve their own visions in life and business.

1.     What is your passion or purpose you are being called to bring into action right now?

My purpose is to inspire, empower, and enliven the world to live with their whole hearts. To connect and create community wherever I go. To live my message and to help others live theirs.

There are several. The most immediate ones are submitting my book proposal, transitioning 6 Months to Live to an online publication, and producing the 2nd season of the show.

2.     What were the motivating factors or defining moments that inspired you to get involved and share your passion? 

I believe that when people are living a life they love, the world is a better place. Alive people radiate positivity. Their laughter is infectious (look at Kid President). They celebrate diversity and have friends from all walks of life. That ripple effect enlightens the world.

3.  What is your mantra or favorite quote you refer to when you seek inspiration or hope and why?

I have 3:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Gandhi

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

“No matter how difficult the past, you can always begin again today.” –Jackie Kornfield

4.     Tell us about a moment recently when you were standing in your full power and purpose?

In January, I kicked off the first Mastermind group, and it’s been an extraordinary experience for all of the women involved. I realized that in combining business and marketing education with vision, purpose, and most importantly, community, incredible feats are possible. I absolutely love bringing together people in an authentic way, so each person can grow and heal while building their visions for their lives and businesses. I’m thrilled for the next group, which begins June 15th!

5.     Why is the work you are doing so important for everyday women? 

We are living an incredible epoch where anything is possible. The work I do celebrates the unique gifts we each have to offer the world and gives them a platform for women to be who they truly are and make a difference.

6.     Why is it so important for women to participate in an event like the Passion into Action Conference? 

The Mastermind group I mentioned earlier showed me the importance and power of community. When women come together, all things are possible. See Jane Do is an extraordinary organization that celebrates each woman’s contribution and when we connect in an empowered and inspired way, we can move mountains. 

7.     What are you hoping will be the biggest takeaways for women both at the Passion into Action Experience and your workshop? 

I want women to walk away with a clearer vision of their purpose and practical action steps they can immediately implement into their lives and businesses. I want them to feel inspired to take action on their dreams and go for their big visions!

8.     What is your message to women around the world?

It’s up to us. If we want change, it begins with us. If we want society to see women’s value across the world, it starts with us owning our value and supporting one another. All things are possible when we acknowledge our own freedom and power to make a profound impact in the world. 

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