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Passion into Action and Robin Mallery

“My place in the world is affirmed when a client begins to understand that living well and healthfully need not be overwhelming, but in fact is a realistic, pleasant, and very rewarding expectation.” ~ Robin Mallery

In carrying out her passion, Robin Mallery reminds us that while we are following our heart, we also need to take care of it. Robin is the founder of HeartMatters, Optimal Lifestyle Management. HeartMatters provides care for both your physical and spiritual heart. Robin incorporates preventative healthcare techniques in exercise, physiology, nutrition, relaxation management and risk factor modification all of which contribute to her client’s personal health vision.

It’s easy to put off the preventative measures that will lead us to better results, especially when it comes to what we put in our mouth. Robin will share tips and tools in the “Taking Care of You” track on how we can eat well in our busy life at the See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference.

Robin shares where her motivation stems from and what she is hoping we all take away from the Passion into Action Conference this January.

1. How are you putting your passion into action?

My consulting business, HeartMatters, is an individualized behavior change program. As a life-management coach and registered nurse, I provide tools and strategies to motivate and support my clients to achieve optimal physical and emotional health and well-being.

2. What do you love most about the work you are doing?

I cherish that I am able to make a difference in people’s lives; it is gratifying to me when a client engages in the behavior change process, making small-step successes that affect the quality of their physical and emotional health; my place in the world is affirmed when a client begins to understand that living well and healthfully need not be overwhelming, but in fact is a realistic, pleasant, and very rewarding expectation.

3. What were the motivating factors that inspired you to get involved and share your passion?

I was professionally challenged to learn more about human behavior and life/health choices that are made as it relates to emotional health and stress levels. I came to understand that the current disease management medical model that prevails in our health care system does not work. Once I began to study the science of behavior change, I was fascinated by the opportunities to work one-on-one with clients to positively affect their daily behaviors and ultimately guide them to their optimal health.

4. Who were the some female role models or mentors that inspired your work and passion?

Nurses are special people. Women nurses have an extra gene for compassion, nurturing, open mind and heartness, and a tremendous capacity to teach and support clients (or patients in a hospital environment). There were many nurses along the way in my 30-year career that have inspired me and encouraged me to follow my heart and passion.

5. Why is the work you are doing so important for everyday women?

Women often prioritize themselves at the bottom of their “to do” lists. We take care of others long before we take care of ourselves. I endeavor to faciliate an understanding in women that we can bring balance into our lives, taking care of ourselves as well as the other obligations in our lives. I also focus on helping busy women to learn how to eat real food, move their bodies on a regular basis, and how to quiet their minds—all three of these daily activities are paramount for live a healthful, radiant life.

6. Why is it so important for women to participate in an event like the Passion into Action Conference?

To bask in the glow of love, support, education, fun, challenge, role models, and spirituality that a focused conference such as Passion Into Action will provide.

7. What are you hoping will be the biggest take-away for women at the Passion into Action Conference?

That it is completely possible to balance pleasure, fun, fitness, optimal health, real food, professional success, family life, and spirituality—all in one day!

8. What is your message to women around the world?

This is a very complicated question! I certainly would answer as I did in number 7, above. However, on a global scale, there is so much more to consider…our lives in the USA are, on many levels, so much richer, safer, healthier that that of women in other countries. I would message that personal health and well-being is a vital component of a full life, but I would also address environmental issues, male-dominated governments, violence against women, poverty, hunger, horrific AgIndustry decisions, etc.

In addition to working with individual clients and small groups, Robin offers presentations and workshops to businesses and service groups, addressing a wide spectrum of health topics. Her blog, From The Heart, can be enjoyed at http://heartmatters.pro, and Robin can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

The See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference takes place on Sat. January 23rd, 2010 at the Holiday Inn in Grass Valley, CA. The event includes keynote speakers, Nina Simons, Gloria Feldt, and Linda Tarr-Whelan plus over fifteen workshop leaders. For tickets go to Briar Patch Co-op in Grass Valley.

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