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Over 250 Extraordinary Janes Put Their Passion into Action

We woke up Saturday morning to dark clouds and heavy snow. Little did we know that almost three hundred women would trudge through the sleet to participate in the first See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference. The event sold out on Friday and we could only cross our fingers and hope that women in our community were ready to connect, inspire, and show the world that women are taking the lead in a big way.

As we pulled into the parking lot shortly after 8:00 we were awe struck that there were hardly any spots to be found. Inside, the lobby was a buzz with hundreds of women laughing and energized for the day to come.

The day kicked off with the See Jane Do video that chronicled the year of our program as we set out to capture the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet. Following we were graced by the captivating stories of Sandy Schmidt founder of Women of Worth and Mary Elizabeth Young and Cathe’ Fish, members of Women’s Earth Alliance.

Co-founder and president of Bioneers, Nina Simons shared the importance of finding your own story and following your passion to enhance the planet. Gloria Feldt reminded us that to create a movement we must actually move into action. She said the conference included the most evolved group of women she has ever spoken to. Former UN Ambassador for the Status of Women, Linda Tarr-Whelan was in awe that so many women showed up and stressed the importance of balanced leadership.

Musicians, Catherine Scholz and Sista Kat lit up the room with their inspiring lyrics and over twenty-one organizations and businesses presented opportunities to live better lives and support one another. Seventeen workshop leaders shared their passions through hands-on sessions and twenty volunteers stepped up to optimize your experience.

NCTV and The FARM volunteered their time to document this historic event and our sponsors reinforced the importance of women gathering together to make a difference.

We now feel more than ever, that there is much work to be done. That we must all do our part and follow our passion in order to create a sustainable future for the generations to come. Many women and men have worked together to enable us the privilege of where we stand now. Now it’s our turn to get things done and we’ll do it together.

Thank you to everyone who participated and for your support of creating a platform for women’s voices and stories. We hope you’ll join our Extraordinary Jane Campaign and participate in future endeavors.

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