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Marilyn Nyborg and Passion into Action

Women are being looked to now as never before to bring their perspectives forward.”
Marilyn Nyborg

Marilyn Nyborg is an advocate for every woman. Over twenty years ago she began working through women circles and in 2002 she co-founded Gather the Women and now Women Waking the World. It has become her personal mission and passion to create a space for women to find their voice and find their power.

I first met Marilyn on International Women’s Day several years ago. The following year Jesse and I participated in Gather the Women’s annual event which included over 300 attendees, an incredible group who are now linking with other women world-wide.

Moving full circle, Gather the Women is now working in cooperation with See Jane Do as we launch the first See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference. Marilyn along with Susanna Dimmitt are taking passion to another level during their workshop, Gather the Women: Our Turning Point in the Leading Your Life track. As women we’ve reached a pivotal turning point where we are now empowered to lead a life together that speaks to our innate talents and characteristics.

In our interview Marilyn recalls the past, progress, and the areas where there is much more work to be done.

1. How are you putting your passion into action?

As co-founder of Gather the Women Global Matrix, on the Steering Wheel (leadership core) of Gather the Women of Nevada County. Creator of Women Waking the World: restoring feminine wisdom, values and influence in service to all life. AND all the activities that that entails.

2. What do you love most about the work you are doing?

The depth of connection with women around the world. To inspire, connect, collaborate and work for a common intention: empowering women, bringing women into circle for support in bringing their visions into reality, educating women on their own Herstory and encouraging them to bring their voices forward.

3. What were the motivating factors that inspired you to get involved and share your passion?

I have been on this path for 40 years, I have remained focused and gained more and more clarity over the years.

4. Who were the some female role models or mentors that inspired your work and passion?

My spiritual teacher Emelia Rathbun and many other spiritual teachers have modeled, mentored and inspired me…..and still do. Hildegard of Bingen to Oprah!

5. Why is the work you are doing so important for everyday women?

I remember the many phrases of life I have lived through where women could not sign a contract on her own, when people like Sandra Day O’Connor who graduated top in her class could only work as a clerk in a law office, when women were expected to stand by her man without any opinions of her own and were only honored for their homemaking skills.

We think we have come a long way from those days, without recognizing the ongoing power of patriarchy in keep both men and women slotted into their specific roles. When women’s primarily road to success is still modeled after the male approach and still women have to do what they do better than the best man.

It is easy to assume we’ve reached equality with men while we still get paid less for the same job, still bumping into glass ceilings, a Supreme Court that still does not reflect half the population. The dominant male culture in government AND our sisters around the world are still considered property, domestic abuse and sex trafficking even here in our own county continues like a dirty secret. THERE is much work to do, more public conversations to have, education to be given.

6. Why is it so important for women to participate in an event like the Passion into Action Conference?

For the activists we hope they find inspiration, acknowledgement and support for their passion and for those not in touch with their passion we would hope they will be activated to speak up and support that which they have interest in.

7. What are you hoping will be the biggest take-away for women at the Passion into Action Conference?

Women are being looked to now as never before to bring their perspectives forward. We love the men but recognized much of their conditioned responses to problems are not working anymore. Western women in particular are being looked too….from Kofi Annan from the U.N. to the Dalai Lama.

8. What is your message to women around the world?

To get in touch with our own qualities as a woman, to bring them forward to help create solutions for the many causes and issues we face as a world, a country and a community. Moving from all that separates us to those values women hold in common. The well being of our son’s and daughter’s, to end the potential of sending them to war, to getting a good education and to offer values to live by that enhance all life: like kindness, good will, trust, hope, civilized language and actions. Respect for all humanity not just our own ‘tribe’.

The qualities of the Feminine Principle have increasingly been recognized as urgently needed to address the imbalances and global crises threatening our survival on the planet at this time in history. But this cannot be done by women alone. Men must also revalue, reclaim and integrate the Feminine qualities of wholeness within themselves. Many men of heart have already done so.

For more information about Gather the Women see their website at www.GathertheWomen.org.

The See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference takes place on Sat. January 23rd, 2010 at the Holiday Inn in Grass Valley, CA. The event includes keynote speakers, Nina Simons, Gloria Feldt, and Linda Tarr-Whelan plus over fifteen workshop leaders. For tickets go to Briar Patch Co-op in Grass Valley.

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