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Laci Green: The State of Sex in a Coercion Culture- See Jane Do Exclusive with Elisa Parker

It’s not about giving someone else power, it’s about balancing power so everyone is equally valued and heard and has a place in our community to be safe.“~Laci Green, Sex Educator, YouTube Personality and Author of The State of Sex

Elisa Parker spoke with YouTube personality and Millennial sex educator, Laci Green in this in depth interview during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings.  She discusses sex, safety, power, the benefits and challenges of being a YouTube sensation, what girls and boys should be aware of when it comes to sex, our bodies, value and worth.  

Laci Green is a sex educator and YouTube personality from California. She created YouTube’s most popular sex education series, Sex Plus, while studying at UC Berkeley. Sex Plus has well over 1M subscribers and 150M views. In addition to Sex Plus, Green has produced award-winning educational series for Discovery and MTV. Green has spoken at over 100 universities to promote healthy sexuality and served on the ACLU’s Board of Directors for 3 years. She is currently in school to become an advanced practice clinician.

Offline, Green describes herself as a bonafide “California girl” and holds a great love for the beautiful West Coast. She is an avid hiker and loves gardening. She also loves to cook and makes stained glass art in her free time.

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