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Jane Rivar

Passion into Action with Jane Rivar: I Am a Woman

“Most importantly you must be true to yourself and only pursue what captures your heart. If you do, you have the chance to touch upon the deepest truth…who you are.” Jane Rivar

Jane RivarJane Rivar is a singer, songwriter, storyteller and a visual artist. From the start, Jane Rivar has been a visionary with the rare ability to grasp the intangible and make it tangible. She is the CEO of River Highlands Ranch and Vineyards, a 600-acre working ranch, north of Sacramento. There she actively promotes “Articulture”, the unique synergy that exists between thearts and agriculture. The Ranch serves as a connecting point for individuals, businesses andcommunities interested in a journey of health, inner discovery and artistic expression. Jane is also founder and CEO of Highland Springs Life Center, a 501c3 non-profit arm of her ranch, and Chairperson of its affiliated organization Living the Journey.

Jane was recently selected to develop and teach a pilot program on her ranch bringing at-risk high school students into experiencing nature as part of the mental resilience curriculum created by HealthCorps, Dr. Oz’s not for profit organization.
Earlier in her career, Jane realized success as the founder and CEO of a custom clothing company, Rivars Inc., starting the company on $1500 and a dream. Under her leadership the enterprise became a multimillion-dollar business and went on to win the prestigious United States Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Enterprise Award for entrepreneurial excellence. In 2006, Jane sold Rivars Inc. to a private investor and the company continues to flourish today. Through the gateways of music and art, Jane went on explore an expanded commercial and community life, connecting her passions and business acumen with her creative gifts. She is an inspirational singer and songwriter of global acclaim. Jane’s current business endeavors since have focused on her mission to share the wisdom of her journey through music, the spoken word, and visual arts, empowering individuals and organizations around the world to discover the transforming power of living a fulfilled, creative life. Her international performances artfully weave imagery, music, and storytelling into an experience that transcends any single medium.
A sought after speaker, Jane is authentic and motvational. As a performer, the winning combination of her soul-soothing voice and her original songwriting has garnished her fans of all ages. She was selected to perform her single It’s Already Here as a finalist in the 2008 Tipperary International Song of Peace Songwriting Contest and her song “Love Came In” was nominated from among 460,000 entries as a finalist in the international Just Plain Folks Music Awards, taking her to Nashville to perform at the legendary BB King’s club. Her music video I Am a Woman captures the beauty and depth of the feminine spirit through images of women from around the world. It has received acclaim among international organizations such as The Global Matrix, Gather the Women, W.I.N., Women Moving The Edge, and UNICEF in South Africa.
In addition to her musical gifts, Jane has received accolades as a visual artist and her unique feather artwork. This distinct art form was born during a period in her life when she was immobilized from a severe case of Lyme’s disease. Marketed through her company, Feather Moon Arts, Jane’s original artworks are recognized internationally and held in private collections in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. Her work is currently being shown at the Anderle Gallery in Carmel, California.
Using her experience and expertise as both artist and businesswoman has given Jane a unique platform to guide others to reach their own creative potential, teaching them how to embrace and integrate the dualities in their own lives. She is currently working a new album, and completing a book titled Three Cows and a Bull, her journey of transformation from grit to grace.
Track:  Defining YouWorkshop:  Altar Your Reality- Creating Beauty

Choosing form a beautiful array of treasures provided by Jane and what participants chose to bring, each of us will explore this invitation to create our own expression of beauty through a personal altar.  Our eclectic journey will include exotic fabrics, nature’s creations, rhythm/music, your own ancestral symbols, plus anything you may find between now then that has personal meaning. You will be guided to express your unique vision of beauty as we play on many levels.

Our vision quest for our time together is creating an “altar” or “sacred space.” Will you answer the call to explore the unknown? Will you Altar your reality? Will you step through the door to your personal paradise? What lies beyond is only to be seen by diving into the experience. Once you make a decision to attend this workshop, pay close attention to what objects may begin to catch your eye or apparent coincidences.

Our vision for the journey is to connect with each other through artistic creation, reclaiming our value as women…living the inspiration of our Artful Hearts.

Note:  Workshop attendees once signed up will receive a list of items to bring and other information.

1.     What is your passion or purpose you are being called to bring into action right now?

I am called to create beauty; bringing through the arts what and nature/life inspire. 

2.     What were the motivating factors or defining moments that inspired you to get involved and share your passion? 

My family life growing up with music and community being an integral part of our home and social life created the basis for my love of the arts. I remember my first symphony sitting next to my father and hearing the string section…it brought me to tears at the beauty of the sounds and how my body felt being there. 

3.  What is your mantra or favorite quote you refer to when you seek inspiration or hope and why?

I trust my life is unfolding with balance in its own time.

4.     Tell us about a moment recently when you were standing in your full power and purpose?

In the middle of the night one night I woke up in desperation of how I was going to get my life back. I got up and stood in front of the fireplace. Taking an imaginary sword in my hands and standing tall I slammed the sword in the ground 3 times stating I reclaim my life and all that is rightfully mine. I reclaim my values as a woman and will never allow anyone to misuse their will against me again.  I will never forget the energy of what went through my body and how empowered I felt when it was over. When I ended I found myself with my forehead on the floor knowing I had made a big shift. I had surrendered to taking a step back into life.

5.     Why is the work you are doing so important for everyday women? 

My work creates a nurturing space for women to give themselves the joy of exploring creatively as they discover their gifts diving into new possibilities for passion. This process provides stimulating sharing with each other about their personal altar expressions and what it reflects in them.

6.     Why is it so important for women to participate in an event like the Passion into Action Conference? 

Because we need each other as we move into the future. It is not a journey we are to do alone. The stronger the connections and understanding we have of ourselves the greater chance for change in the world. It all begins inside each of us. Sharing as a large group becomes a catalyst for new ideas, beliefs and values to be instilled. World change begins in ones own heart, mind and soul.

7.     What are you hoping will be the biggest take-a-ways for women both at the Passion into Action Experience and your workshop? 

My wish is that they take away whatever it is that they need. I do not feel it is for me to predetermine that. All transformation is up to an individual’s own timing.  I am there for guidance, support and to be a fellow traveler on the journey.  Each individual attending my workshop will come away with items for their own personal altar and whatever ritual they may chose to work with at home.

8.     What is your message to women around the world?

Looking around the world I see women leading in many ways, making changes at every level. I am excited that we are coming together along with many amazing men who are also changing as we grow.  The bottom line is we have to believe in ourselves, take the steps in asking for help when we need it and not be afraid to ruffle a few feathers.  Most importantly you must be true to yourself and only pursue what captures your heart. If you do, you have the chance to touch upon the deepest truth…who you are.

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