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Jane Mail – Monique Tilford

Hi there Elisa and Leta

I am impressed by the good work you are doing on behalf of the planet! I am a mother of two girls (Elli, 6 and Bella, 3) and have been an environmental activist for 20 years, serving most recently as the deputy director of the Center for a New American Dream. I quit that job in the fall so that I could dedicate myself full-time to promotion of the re-release of the New York Times’ best-selling book Your Money or Your Life. Although I didn’t write the original edition of that book, I am a co-author for the current version and believe this book ties in very well to your latest project. I am now in the process of creating a new non-profit, The MoneyLife Institute, which will encourage Americans to increase their savings, reduce their consumption, and benefit the planet by implementing the nine-step program in Your Money or Your Life.

The following are brief answers to the questions you posed below:

1. I am currently putting my passion into positive action to restore the planet by participating in a national book tour on behalf of Your Money or Your Life. I just got back yesterday from several talks in NC, and will be doing about a dozen radio interviews this week. I am now creating study guide groups across the country to help people increase their savings and help their money reflect their values by practicing the steps in Your Money or Your Life.

2. Everyday women can participate in this work by reading Your Money or Your Life and talking to others about how their relationship with money was transformed as a result. We are currently creating a nationwide network of volunteers whom we are encouraging to host study guide groups and to speak publicly about the book.

3. Everyday women should be concerned and involved because they need to be knowledgeable and sophisticated about money issues. Women who do not have sufficient savings or a healthy understanding of money can easily become beholden to ill-suited jobs or mates because they are financially dependent upon them.

4. The inauguration is a time of incredible excitement because, for the first time in my adult life, we have elected a leader whom I completely trust and respect.

5. I just started blogging on www.yourmoneyoryourlife.info


Monique Tilford

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