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Elisa Parker with Ruth Schwartz: Pioneering the Work Revolution & Discovering Your Genius

Re-create it, break the rules and make it the way you want it.  Question everything and don’t assume that just because we’ve always done it this way that it is the best way to do it.” ~Ruth Schwartz, High Performance Advocates

In this podcast with Elisa Parker learn how guest Ruth Schwartz created a ten million dollar company, lost almost everything, built herself back up and is now coaching others on how to reinvent themselves and connect with their genius on their terms.

Ruth Schwartz spent 25 years in the music industry,10 years on the radio, owned a  publishing company, a syndicated radio program, produced records,  ran a mail order company and in 1983 started and built a $10 Mil distribution company called Mordam Records.

Today, Ruth is an internationally certified, PCC business leadership coach, motivational speaker, author of the book, The Key to the Golden Handcuffs: Stop Being a Slave to Your Business, the facilitator of Business Mastermind Groups  and trained in behavior and motivation assessments.

She owns High Performance Advocates, a management and leadership development coaching company and the creator of the Fail Proof Hiring System. She is an enthusiast for working with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who are tired of task and employee management are ready to create change.

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