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100 Women Change Hollywood: Partners in Parity

See Jane Do and The Women in Film Revolution (FilmRev) organized a day-long retreat on Oct. 27th, 2018 at The Riveter.  We brought together 100 women in the industry who are leading the way for gender and intersectional parity.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a surge of action to create parity in media and entertainment. This is not a new fight, nor is it close to being over. As we look to the future, engaging with the leaders and organizations working on this issue is paramount. Creating events and opportunities to come together to inspire each other, to co-create new programs and plans of action with each other is key, and that is the foundation of this day-long retreat.  Together we strive to deepen and expand the relationships between each of us and as we continue to expand the roadmap toward an equal playing ground in media and entertainment.

What We’ll Accomplish Together

Connection. Collaboration. Coalition.

  • Deepen the lines of trust and communication between the leaders and organizations working toward intersectional parity
  • Educate each other on what one another is doing to foster and collaborate
  • Share resources and resource each other
  • Build our coalition for a larger movement toward gender parity
  • Redefine our relationship with power
  • Build sisterhood and relationships
  • Ramp up for the 2019 collective action plan and large-scale event for women and men in the industry

The event is jointly the next phase of 50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment  a gender parity initiative in Hollywood, co-created and directed by Tabby Biddle and Elisa Parker, in partnership with the non-profit Take The Lead, and a launch event for The Women in Film Revolution  a coalition of leaders who are focused on intersectional parity within the media and entertainment industry.

The 100 Women Change Hollywood: Partners in Parity event was presented in partnership by See Jane Do and The Women in Film Revolution with the aim of deepening connection and collaboration among the leaders working on the parity issue while also expanding the blueprint for change as we enter the next phase of this movement.

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