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Elisa Parker: Creating the New Dream

As a radio host Elisa Parker, co-founder & CEO See Jane Do has been behind the mic for over 10 years. In Michelle Hart’s 30 Day Video Challenge she’s moving to the front of the camera to share tips

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See Jane Do: Empowering Everyday Women to Be Heroes in Their Own Lives

Don’t be a Dick.  Be a Jane! Become a leader of your life and lean into your strengths and talents rather than broken systems and models that no longer serve you.  Unleash your true calling. See Jane

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Kathleen McIntire: From Becoming a Victim to a Hero in Your Own Life

Kathleen McIntire, Passion into Action Presenter

How do you tap into your intuition, move beyond your fear and be uniquely you?  Kathleen McIntire of Soaring in Light and Guiding Signs 101 shares her personal story of overcoming being a victim to celebrating

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