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See Jane Do Gender Parity Initiative and Consultation:  As a leader in women’s leadership and a champion for gender equity, our team co-creates and co-lead programs and initiatives such as, 50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment, 100 Women Change Hollywood and has led workshops and panel discussions at events including the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, Indivisible Women, The National Women’s March and United State of Women. Our team of experts customizes and develops programs to support gender equity in your organization and collaborates and partners with like-minded organizations to develop strategic action towards parity.

Contact: Info@seejanedo.com for a consultation

Click here to learn more about the gender parity initiative, 50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment, Elisa Parker and Tabby Biddle co-created and led with Take The Lead in 2018.

Learn more about 100 Women Change Hollywood, featured in Maria Shriver’s, Sunday News.

2019 Collective! We are finalizing partnerships and funding to launch our new program to advance intersectional gender equity in the media & entertainment industry (by March 31st).  Connect with us if you’d like to be part of this.  Contact: elisa@seejanedo.com

Co-creating a coalition for gender parity through sisterhood and inclusion.


Thank you for your vision, for bringing all of these powerhouse women together, for grounding us and providing a space where we could be productive, for feeding us and taking care of our creature comforts. It was such a wonderful experience! And of course a room with so many powerful people is going to disagree and argue, and ultimately work through to the other side. I felt that. I also felt the wonderful energy in the room when I got the opportunity to speak about the progress we have made!” ~Caroline Heldman, Director of Research, The Geena Davis Institute

What a wonderful day. I really wish I had taken a moment to share with the group how much I was appreciating the process and the opportunity to surface the much needed conversations around privilege, representation, race/ class as they relate to gender and the patriarchy. What juicy stuff and so critical in this day and age. Bless you all for your super hard work and looking forward to connecting again very soon.” ~ Lora O’Connor, Leading Strategist in Movement Making & Social Good

Honored to be included in the 100 Women Chance Hollywood event today.  Spent the day with smart, driven, inspiring women who are committed to building a different reality.” ~Gretchen McCourt, Co-Founder of Women in Entertainment, EVP, Programming, Content ArcLight Cinemas

Big thanks to Tabby and Elisa for the massive undertaking of putting that amazing group of women together. We truly appreciate the support that you continually give us. I’m constantly in awe of the rooms you two bring together as the dynamic duo you are! I’m grateful for you.”~Joy Donnell, Founder of SUPERJOY Media

Thank you both for the environments you consistently create for women to come together in sisterhood and grow. I’m forever grateful especially for bringing the three of us together and all of your support. Thank you for seeing us.” ~Nicole Haggard, Profession of Film & Social Justice, Mount Saint Mary’s University

Thanks so much for such a refreshing , enlightening and phenomenal gathering on Saturday. It was simply fantastic and still raving about it. It was such an honor being among some of the most wonderful women I have met. Congratulations to you and your team. It was truly an inspiration.”~ Jozanne Marie, Actress, Writer, Poet, Activist

It was a great opportunity to meet with a large number of women in the entertainment industry who are all working towards the same goals. I would love to get a report of the final changes and commitments that people agreed to in the meeting. Thank you again!” ~Nithya Raman, Executive Director, Time’s Up-Entertainment

Thank you again for inviting and welcoming me into what shows to be many years of dedication and divine work. You and Tabby are powerhouses and your vision is not only revolutionary but also deeply necessary in the healing of the sisterhood. I love and appreciate you both greatly.  May all the good works you are doing and initiating come back to you thousand fold.“~Isis Indriya, Founder, Lightning in a Bottle

This was an amazing day. Amazing women. Great leadership Elisa and Tabby. Thank you!!” ~Ellen Schned, President WICT SoCal

Thank you Elisa & Tabby for such an inspirational and empowering retreat! It was lovely to be in the company of so many powerful, supportive women!  I’m honored to have been invited to this special day surrounded by so many beautiful, powerful and supportive women creating positive inspiration.” ~Christy Lee Hughes, Writer, Director, Actress + Entertainment Advisor, Geena Davis Institute

Thank you Tabby Biddle & Elisa Henderson Parker for your vision & commitment on behalf of gender parity & for organizing this awesome day  #100WomenChangingHollywood where our energy was so fired up and ready to go conquer not only Hollywood but the entire world. It was an honor to be there with such incredible women. Ivana & Women Occupy Hollywood” ~Ivana Massetti, Founder, Women Occupy Hollywood

Powerhouse women making change!” ~Tema Staig, Founder, Women in Media

Tabby, Elisa and team, thank you for a connective, recharging and inspirational day. What you are doing and how you’re being is magnificent. Grateful for both of your commitments to gender parity, building community and connections through conscious mindfulness.” ~Valerie Madden, Creative Director, Amazon Studios

This past Saturday I got to spend the entire day (9am to 6pm) with over 100 passionate, committed, and purposeful women!  Was thrilled to be invited to attend “100 Women Change Hollywood: Partners in Parity.  I feel super empowered and grateful to be a part of this powerful posse of bold leaders who are out to disrupt the status quo in Hollywood, standing for the disappearance of discrimination, racism and bias. Big thanks to organizers Tabby Biddle and Elisa Parker, who created this audacious event and stepped out big!”  ~Nadya Ichinomiya, Co-Founder, Women in Technology Hollywood

Great day, great energy, and WORK GOT DONE!” ~Amie Williams, Co-Founder Global Girl Media

You women are amazing.  I was honored to be included yesterday in the retreat you all put together, with SO MANY OTHER INCREDIBLE WOMEN.  It was a wonderful excuse to catch up with old friends, network, build community, and meet people in person whom I’ve known online for years.  It was a truly stellar group of women working on the front lines of these issues, attacking these problems from many different angles. I appreciated the discussion, the debate, the ideas and the respectfulness and passion with which all of us were able to share our viewpoints.  You created the space for that.

I know these events take a TON of work, time, effort, thought and money to put together.  Again, I just wanted to thank you for doing that work, for bringing so many powerful women together, and for inviting me to be a part of it.  It was an incredible day.” ~Amy Adrion, Director, HALF THE PICTURE

“As part of the 50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment that was lead by Tabby Biddle and Elisa Henderson Parker, I can attest that the sisterhood and support developed with the women in the cohort has been a huge boost to my career, connections, contacts and morale. Support each other, women. It makes all of us rise up.”~Aisling Chin-Yee, Director and Co-Founder of #AfterMeToo

Thank you for all your hard work and yet making it look effortless.  I am touched, moved, and grateful for you capacity for grace. You shifted and parried, as usual with allowing room for venting and decompressing.  Brava.

What a wonderful day.  How gratifying to gather with some any extraordinary women, and fun to see dear friends, come into our circle.  I bow to your ability to keep marching forward, making the line longer and fuller each time.  I adore you, applaud you, and thank you.  LMK how I can continue to help you help all of us.”~Rachel Feldman, Director and Writer of Film & Television