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Debe Fennell – Empowering Women through Crowdfunding

“My two partners and I found our niche in crowdfunding for women. Women own 48% of the small businesses in the country but only receive 5% of the funding. We give a lot of hands on help to projects. One of the things I teach is the art of networking, the art of making a relationship with another person. If I were going recommend something, it would be to start that personal relationship first before you jump into business, business comes. Build a trust where there’s equity and parity in the conversation.”

Debe Fennell is a veteran of marketing, social media, crowdfunding, grant writing, public relations, publishing and promotion through her own business, the music industry, real estate marketing, educational companies and non-profits. Her skills in reaching, talking to and engaging anyone, from the receptionist to the CEO, have been honed to give her unique and inventive ways to communicate with people. Ms. Fennell spent many years in the music industry as a journalist, a talent coordinator for two nationally syndicated radio shows, and a national records promotion executive for Sony/BMG, Curb Records, Magnatone Records and Giant Records. Debe has also managed public relations, affiliate relations and marketing for several noted speakers and authors. As a partner in CrowdFundingLIVE events and their crowdfunding platform, Ms. Fennell is associated with the National Crowdfunding Association, CFIRA and Entrepreneurship Nevada. She is a known expert on the subject of social media marketing in crowdfunding.

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