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WonderLove: Come Together to Discover What’s Possible

WonderLove FB 5

On Sunday, August 27th, 2017, Nevada County is coming together to discover what’s possible through civic engagement from the heart at the premiere live KVMR broadcast event, WonderLove.  With the support

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CA State Controller, Betty Yee Loves Rural Women & Yoda

We caught up with the extraordinary Betty Yee, California State Controller, at the CA Democratic Convention.  She gives us the low down on what happens at a State Convention, how Toe Dippers can get engaged

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Her New Project & 3 Steps to Take the Lead

She created Miss Representation & The Mask You Live In.  Jen Siebel Newsom talks about her bold new film and how you can step into action today.  Elisa Parker caught up with the potential First Lady

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CA Dem Convention Road Trip Wrap Up with Elisa Parker & Sheila Cameron

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.58.14 PM

What do CA Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, Senator Kevin DeLeon, County Supervisor Heidi Hall, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, CA State Controller, Betty Yee all have in common?  They all connected with Elisa

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Road Trip with Elisa & Sheila: What’s Going On at the CA Democratic Convention

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.06.15 PM

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a political convention?  Elisa Parker & Sheila Cameron take a road trip to the California Democratic Convention…their first time.  They threw on their Danskos

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Elisa Parker with Maniko: How to Sing Your Truth


“To sing the truth of your heart is powerful medicine” ~Maniko How did seven women, all who considered themselves non-singers, move from fear of expressing their voice to recording an album and performing

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Elisa Parker with BJ Gallagher: It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been


“There’s strength in vulnerability.  When we’re willing to expose our hearts, tell our stories, share our failures, our frustrations, our disappointments; when we share our wounds we enable others to

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Be a Jane: Move into Action & Out of Polar Vortex

How do your daily rituals reflect your greatest dreams and purpose? Elisa Parker of See Jane Do comes to you from the East River in New York, NY and shares how you can find your “triathlon” and move

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Channel James (Jane) Brown & Ignite Into Action

When you have that need to move into action and ignite your passion show up as your whole self. Forget about being too masculine or too feminine…just be you. Elisa Parker (and the cutest puppy ever)

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See Jane Do Women’s Conference Brings a World-Class Line Up to Grass Valley for 2012

screen shot 2012-07-16 at 2.41.52 pm

See Jane Do Women’s Conference Brings a World-Class Line Up to Grass Valley for 2012 “It’s an extraordinary experience, Passion into Action, and I’ve never seen or felt a gathering quite like

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Celebrate a Special Day: Join Gather the Women and See Jane Do on March 9th


Join Gather the Women of Nevada County for its 10th celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday, March 9.

Marilyn Nyborg, co-founder and past president of Gather the Women, explains here what the organization does, and describes the events planned for participants to think globally and act locally.

Gather the Women was created 10 years ago by a small group of women from Washington State and California. Now there are 40 local regions across the U.S., and women from Africa, Australia, Canada and England gathering women in their own communities.

In Nevada County, I found a very responsive group of women who formed the local leadership and brought Gather the Women of Nevada County (GTWNC) into being. Designed to be a catalyst for personal, community and global transformation, GTWNC has worked together to create events and evening salons, show films, and deepen conversation about what is of value and important to women -- and therefore families, communities and the world.

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Preview of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

United Nations

What to expect from the NYC event – and how to follow along  See Jane Do will be going to New York City as delegates for the  56th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of

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Valentine’s Day Got you Down?

1507 modified and cropped

By Veronica Monet,ACS, CAM As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may find yourself turned off by the commercialism confronting you every time you step into a department store or turn on the television.

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Save the Date for Passion into Action 2012!


We are thrilled to announce the 3rd Annual Passion into Action Women’s Conference™ to take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 12 – 14, 2012 in historic downtown Grass Valley, CA. Over 600 women

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Taking Control of Your Finances: A Money Management Workshop for Women


See Jane Do is proud to announce a women’s only seminar with financial consultant and award winning talk show host Marc Cuniberti of KVMR’s Money Matters. Part 1:  Monday, January 16th, 2012

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What if a solution to climate change was beneath your feet?


Old College Roomies Re-Connect, Produce a Film, & Teach Us How We Can be Part of the Solution.


Watch “The Soil Solution”. Premieres: Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2012 January 27th at 8:00 am Lobero Theatre & Sunday, January 29th, at 10:40 am Metro 4 in downtown Santa Barbara.

The Soil Solution, a feature documentary by Carol Hirashima and Jill Cloutier of SustainableWorld Media explores our soil. The fascinating world of soil opens before our eyes as we hear from the ranchers, farmers, and scientists who conserve, protect, and regenerate this valuable natural resource. Hirashima and Cloutier believe that, “Everyone, through their buying decisions, food choices, and farming and gardening methods, affects soil health. Everything that we do to increase soil fertility could be a step in reversing climate change.”

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Taking Planet Earth off the Market

Maria Gunnoe

In observance of our nation's Independence Day, See Jane Do explores what the land of the free means to everyday women and shares the stories of women who are "taking planet earth off the market" by speaking up and taking on "the big guys" in their communities.

In observance of our nation's Independence Day, See Jane Do explores what the land of the free means to everyday women.

Maria GunnoeFor Maria Gunnoe, Judy Bonds, Lydia Olympic, and Virginia Brunini it means free from environmental destruction, harmful toxins, and corporate greed.  They are "taking planet earth off the market" by speaking up and taking on "the big guys" in their communities.

West Virginian Maria Gunnoe Maria Gunnoe recently won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for her work.  Gunnoe's home has flooded several times since coal-mining companies built two toxic-waste ponds above the Boone County property.

The mine waste has poisoned her well and drinking water.  Incited to take action, she has organized community members and worked successfully for the closure of several mines and for tighter regulations on those that remain open.

Maria Gunnoe

Julia "Judy" Bonds is the co-director for Coal River Mountain Watch.  She is a coal miner's daughter, granddaughter. She is an Appalachian American and her family has lived in the Coal River Valley in West Virginia for 10 generations.

Judy has been fighting for social and environmental justice for Appalachian coalfields since 1998. In 2003 she won the coveted Goldman Environmental Prize. Since winning the award Julia and others at Coal River Mountain Watch have embarked on a road show to educate America about the clean water act and to educate and motivate Americans about where their electricity comes from and who pays the true price.

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Training Women to Take the Lead


I want you to run for office! That's the message White House Project founder Marie Wilson is sending to women across the nation. On the second part of this See Jane Do special, featured guests Marie Wilson, Gloria Feldt, Mayor Reinette Senum and aspiring candidate Kristy Pagan will share why it's more important than ever for women to take the lead and run.

According to the recent Shriver Report, women now make up half of the workforce and in many cases are the breadwinner for their family. Women make up half the population, yet we still hold a small minority in elected representation in the United States.

In this story we feature several extraordinary Jane's who are demonstrating how every women can run for office and share why it's so important for every women to be involved.

A handful of organizations such as the White House Project, a nonpartisan organization that has trained over 6,000 women to lead from their communities all the way to the White House, are pitching in to train and support women towards taking a greater role in leadership.

Hear from White House Project founder Marie Wilson, staff and trainees about their recent success.  Also featured is political activist, media commentator, and best selling author, Gloria Feldt. Nevada City, CA Mayor Reinette Senum and political leader Kristy Pagan Kathleen also share their personal stories and triumphs in living a political life.

Learn what you can do today to get involved and make a difference. We're the ones we've been waiting for and our time is now!

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See Jane Do Trivia

What percentage of American families never eat dinner together? 1. 20% 2. 70%
3. 40% 
4. 80% The answer is #3, 40% of American families never eat dinner together. For More Information

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How One Woman and One Small Town Can Change the World

I live in a small town in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California. In general Nevada City, CA is an extremely charming and picturesque town and at one time was the third largest city in California

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Jane Mail – Monique Tilford


Hi there Elisa and Leta I am impressed by the good work you are doing on behalf of the planet! I am a mother of two girls (Elli, 6 and Bella, 3) and have been an environmental activist for 20 years,

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See Jane Do Makes Peace in D.C.


Considering our luck over the day I suggested we stop by the Peace Ball to see if we might get into the event with media credentials. At the entrance to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum stood

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He’s Walking! President Obama Walking in Inaugural Parade


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See Jane Do Trivia


Question: What year did women win the right to vote in America? Answer: Women won the right to vote in 1920!

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Tweeting, Twurling and Blogging: Women Change the World with Social Media


As women, telling stories comes naturally to most of us.  We also know how to get the word out fast.

Incorporate social networking and the on-line movement and there's potential for a social change explosion. It seems women are starting to renew our communities and the planet at an extremely rapid pace with the support of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook in addition to women oriented organizations like BlogHer and MomsRising.org.

In pursuit of the next episode of See Jane Do we have been extremely inspired by the incredible women we've met who are taking new media to a new level.  As mothers, we were thrilled to meet the "godmother of the on-line movement" (as her staff refers to her), Joan Blades.  You know Joan, she is the co-founder of MoveOn.org.  She wanted to provide a voice for women in the White House so several years ago she co-founded MomsRising.org.

MomsRising has created an on-line movement that is transforming issues often prevalent to women, families and caretakers including; health-care, family leave, fair wages, and childcare.  "With over 250,000 members MomsRising is creating change we can see", says staff member and mother Anita Jackson.

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See Jane Do’s Peace & Social Justice Fundraiser a Success!


We are so ecstatic to report that See Jane Do’s Peace & Social Justice fundraiser was a success last Sunday! Over a hundred people gathered at the Copper Top Lounge in Grass Valley, CA, Sunday, April

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See Jane Do Joins CodePink to Celebrate All Mothers & Women This Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day, hundreds of women traveled from around the world to celebrate mothers and honor the original Mother's Day Proclamation made by Julia Ward Howe in 1870 calling for an end to war at CODEPINK’s 3rd annual 24-hour vigil in Lafayette Park across from the White House.

Jesse Locks and Maya Parker Knitting With Other Women

On Saturday afternoon, women of all ages and backgrounds sprawled out along sidewalks around the park and in front of the main stage to participate in radical knitting circles.  They were sewing the more than 8,000 pink and green square cozies together to create a quilt with the message “We Will Not Raise Our Children to Kill Another Mother’s Child.”

Lindsey Campbell and Colonel Ann Wright

On many of them were messages pinned by the person who had originally knit the square to honor their own mother or child.  Women read these aloud, which would spark another woman’s story, followed by lively discussion, laughter, tears, and even singing.

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See Jane Do to Host a Small Town Tweet Up for Next Soiree into Action


See Jane Do hopes to inspire and create action. It’s about doing our part. As a result, we’ve hosted a Soiree into Action following each See Jane Do program to ignite community connection for positive

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So, What’s a Tweet Up?


Whether you’re utilizing social networks like Twitter or Facebook or not it’s hard to avoid the buzz that these new social media sensations have created around the world. So, what is all this tweeting

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Big Turnout at Small Town Tweet Up


See Jane Do’s recent party with a purpose, a small town tweet up, demonstrated that big things can happen in a small town. It was standing room only at the Broad Street Bistro during the event and the

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Recommended Read of an Extraordinary Jane: “Big Green Purse”


Did you know that 85% of what is consumed in the United States is purchased or influenced by women? As women, we hold a lot of power in demanding products that will support the environment and our quality

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Top Tips from BlogHer ’09: “Business of You” Part I


So, you’ve taken a break from the daily grind and said good-by to your 9-5 job. You’re ready to jump into the “business of you“. And if you’re like many of the attendees who participated in the

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Women Take the Lead in Health Care Crisis


What’s your health care story? Everyone seems to have one. My husband and I recently paid $3,000 for my daughter to receive the most common surgery for children last month and we’re insured. Thank

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Cracking the Glass Ceiling at Toronto Film Festival


We were celebrating her 11th birthday. On top of her cake was a make-shift movie camera that emanated her dreams of becoming a movie director. As young girls with creative ambitions and dreams, we’d

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Dare to Take the Plastic Challenge?


Water bottles, plastic bags, lids and containers, how much disposable plastic are we consuming and throwing away every week? According to the Clean Air Council Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic

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See Jane Do Has Expanded to Print!


Now you can look, listen, and read the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet! See Jane Do is collaborating with The Union, Nevada County’s daily newspaper. The Union

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Power of the Plastic Purse


As women, we already know that we hold the power of the purse by influencing at least 85% of what’s bought or purchased in the United States. Our purchase power has the potential to severely impact the

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Soiree Into Action: Small Town, Big Impact


“We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone … and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates

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Swap Rather Than Shop


I’ll admit it…sometimes the idea of taking all those used baby and kids clothes to the consignment shop seems time consuming and overwhelming. After bagging up all of the clothes and trekking to the

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Party with a Purpose Brings Women Together


It was standing room only as over eighty women and men from Nevada County came together on a dark weekday night to express the importance of spearheading projects that will enhance the planet. The energy

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See Jane Do Announces Passion into Action Conference


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Training Women to Take the Lead and Run: We still want you to run for office!


We still want you to run for office! See Jane Do’s part II episode of Training Women to Take the Lead and Run will air tomorrow November 24th from 12:00-1:00 PM KVMR, 89.5 or www.KVMR.org According to

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Passion into Action and Nina Simons


“A greater emergence of the healthy feminine throughout our world might help achieve the balance that can restore our social and environmental systems.” Nina Simons (from interview with Nina Utne) Nina

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Jane Goes Wild at this year’s Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival


See Jane Do is ecstatic to announce we will host the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival’s first ever Media Lounge this January 15-17, 2010. The Media Lounge, will be the hub of all communications

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Passion into Action and Sonika Tinker


In the process of sharing stories of incredible women who’ve developed a deep relationship with their passion and the planet I occasionally neglect one of the most important relationships, the relationship

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Women’s Hope in Healthcare


Paid leave for new parents, gender rating, Stupak Amendment, and maternity coverage; these are the issues women and families are currently facing in the United States. Whether you’re for universal healthcare

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Nevada City APPLE Center for Sustainable Living


Posted in the magazine, Alpine Green Living Think globally act locally, is the message that twenty-nine year old Mali Dyck, Executive Director of the APPLE Center for Sustainable Living, wants community

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Passion into Action and Patt Lind-Kyle


On January 23rd, 2010 over 250 women will come together in Nevada County to put their passion into action! In addition to creating meaningful connections, collaborating with other women, and expanding

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Passion into Action and Nancy Shanteau


“It is our creativity that will be unleashed in the 21st Century – every single day women are more powerful than the day before.” Nancy Shanteau Nancy Shanteau is “dream-maker” for everyday women.

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Passion into Action and Robin Mallery


“My place in the world is affirmed when a client begins to understand that living well and healthfully need not be overwhelming, but in fact is a realistic, pleasant, and very rewarding expectation.”

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Marilyn Nyborg and Passion into Action


“Women are being looked to now as never before to bring their perspectives forward.” Marilyn Nyborg Marilyn Nyborg is an advocate for every woman. Over twenty years ago she began working through

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United Nations 5th World Conference on Women


1995 marked the last World Conference on Women held in Beijing. We need your help to send the message to the UN that it is time to hold the 5th World Conference on Women. Please sign this petition and

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Passion into Action Women’s Conference FAQs


We’ve received many great questions regarding the conference including: – What is the Passion into Action Conference? – Can men attend the event? – How do I become a sponsor? Following is a list of

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Passion into Action and Reinette Senum


“I have great appreciation and understanding that passion is like a deep belly laugh or a good yawn. It’s very contagious.” Reinette Senum Reinette Senum is a green pioneer of the 21st century.

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Passion into Action and Cathe’ Fish


“Sharing permaculture with women helps them focus on the big picture and brings back our hope for a simpler world connected to nature that feels good and is abundant for all.” Cathe’ Fish For

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Passion into Action and Christina Hills


“I love helping people experience personal transformation through entrepreneurship.”Christina Hills She calls herself the “shopping cart queen”, not because of her consumer habits but rather Christina

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Passion into Action and Molly Fisk


What do you love most about the work you are doing? Writing poems is my public work, but it’s also a big spiritual connection: it nourishes, sustains, and helps me make sense of the world. I love

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Wild & Scenic Media Lounge


How did Colin Beavan live off the grid in New York City? Why is Terry Ratliff at the center of a community battle over mountain top removal? What did council member Deborah Lindsay do to launch the

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Passion into Action and Wendy Van Wagner

Wendy Van Wagner photo

“I was motivated by the magic that happens when a group gathers to share a meal and break bread.”Wendy Van Wagner Something wonderful happens when you step into the space of Wendy Van Wagner’s kitchen.

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See Jane Do Wild and Scenic Media Lounge Schedule


Meet your favorite environmental heroes and filmmakers this weekend and get the story behind the story. Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival Media Lounge Scheduled Interviews Saturday January

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Passion into Action and Shawn Tuttle


“My work through Project Simplify has been fueled by the desire to help people fan their own flames, to remember that they, and only they, are the heroines of their lives.” Shawn Tuttle Shawn Tuttle is

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Sista Kat and Catherine Scholz to Perform at Passion into Action!


Two talented singers, Sista Kat and singer-songwriter, Catherine Scholz will share their passion for music at the See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference this Saturday. Sista Kat’s beats and rhythms

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Over 250 Extraordinary Janes Put Their Passion into Action


We woke up Saturday morning to dark clouds and heavy snow. Little did we know that almost three hundred women would trudge through the sleet to participate in the first See Jane Do Passion into Action

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The Official Program of the Passion into Action Conference


Did you miss the conference or want to read about your favorite speaker or workshop leader? We’re providing you with an extensive program of the Passion into Action Conference to acknowledge the important

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Share Your Story with Gloria Feldt for Her New Book!


Extraordinary Janes, Gloria Feldt wants to know: Was there a moment in your life when you knew you had the “power to”? Best selling author, Gloria Feldt is inviting you to share your story for her

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Director/Actor Fay Ann Lee & Passion into Action


Fay Ann Lee is an everyday woman doing extraordinary things.  Recently she wrote, directed and starred in the hit movie, Falling for Grace with Margaret Cho, Lewis Black, Christine Baranski, and Gale Harold.

Fay has a special connection to our community and See Jane Do.  Last year CATS hosted a special screening of her latest film in downtown Nevada City.  Flying all the way from New York Fay was taken in with the charm of our town and the hospitality of our community.


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Environmental Action Heroes of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival


Thousands of people gathered in  Nevada City, CA to take part in the largest environmental film festival in the United States.  The Wild and Scenic Film Festival went fresh, local and wild this year as it hosted over 130 films, workshops and special guests.

See Jane Do was honored to host the first ever Wild and Scenic Media Lounge where we interviewed over forty filmmakers and environmental action heroes.

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School Lunches Kids Line Up For


Cheese Max Stick, Rice Crispy Treats, and Race Care Nuggest. What’s on your child’s school lunch menu? We got the real story about school lunches and what some courageous women, (including renegade

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Dawn Lorraine Skincare Announces Fundraiser for See Jane Do


Dawn Lorraine puts her passion into action by providing skincare products that are safe for women. Her organic products are free of synthetic fragrances or parabens. Following the Passion into Action

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Gather the Women Presents: Pray the Devil Back to Hell


Pray the Devil Gather the Women of Nevada County – Film Series PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL Sunday, February 7th, 2 pm This film chronicles the remarkable story of courageous Liberian women who came

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Bidder 70, Tim DeChristopher’s Trial Postponed

According to Tim DeChristopher's website his trial has been postponed indefinitely. Tim made headlines in December 2008, when at the age of 27 he wrestled large parcels of land away from oil companies seeking to use them for mining purposes in Utah. Jesse Locks and Elisa Parker interview the young activist to learn more about the workshops he will lead during the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and his upcoming documentary from acclaimed filmmakers Beth and George Gage.

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